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1/28/2007 10:31:09 PM

Ability to switch chart to a weekly or monthly would be great.

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1/29/2007 1:11:07 AM

It would be nice if I could flip through symbols using the back (<<) and forward (>>) buttons like on the old version.

I really like the new 2.0. Great job!

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1/29/2007 9:18:53 AM

Here are a few features I would like to see:

Price Chart Zoom in and out:
Please add (+) and (-) to zoom in and out for the price chart. I think (+) would increase the visible data by 10% and (-) would decrease the amount of visible data by 10%.

Graduated Histogram
Please add monthly graduation lines to the upper price histogram

Show current view amount:
The [3m], [6m], [1y], [2y] buttons are good. I would like the one that is currently being viewed to be grayed out or at least it to be indicated it is the current one being viewed.

Quick download in result set:
I would like a menu option that allows me to download the result set that is currently shown. The CSV should match the current "transpose" state.

-- Yepher

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1/30/2007 12:26:21 AM

I've read the other posts and agree with many of the requests. But as you've said this is the first step.

I like it. I like the ability to add other screens to the existing filter.

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1/30/2007 1:19:00 PM

Can you make available on 2.0 in the "Add column" drop down window, a column for "exchange". I didn't find it in the "Add Column List".

Thank you for your consideration.


I started a new thread on this request before noticing this thread for Request. I appologize for making a duplicate request.

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1/30/2007 9:23:11 PM

There might be a reason you have this set up this way, but I don't know the history..

When a saved filter is run instead of showing the text of the filter the box on the left shows "/* Running saved filter: 2 */".

I like to start with a very tight filter, then ease up on the requirements a bit to see what just missed the cut. Currently I have to return to the filter list, c&p, then return to the flash window before I can edit. Can it not just fill in the text of the filter?

Second thing I noticed is if a filter with a date offset is run, then switch to a different saved filter, the yellow color band is still on the charts and the only way to remove it seems to be to close and reopen.

Thank you for the great site!

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1/31/2007 4:20:23 PM

If you open filters and they are on the left then you have to expand the lower stock lit to the top to cover up your formula area

then if you make the stock list narrow to have room for the chart on the right - the vertical scroll bar disappears. I think most will agree that usually we only want a very narrow list of the stocks but need to scroll bar for sure.

We do not normally need to formula area on top left on top of the stock list

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1/31/2007 4:30:48 PM

SF Staff

Thank you for your quick response in making "exchange" available on 2.0...


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2/1/2007 12:22:04 AM

The fischer transformation needs to be added to either SF1 or SF2

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2/1/2007 11:44:09 AM

"How about a chat room so we can share some "LIVE" alerts"

Yeah Lock for stuff like this:

(Feb 01-11:13) Muddy: REFR
(Feb 01-11:13) Muddy: 7.7 vol some
(Feb 01-11:14) Muddy: new 52s

It's at 9.75 right now,trailing it up,oh yeah

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