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2/17/2003 3:22:33 PM

KAREN, what is it that you don't understand,i'll try to help if i can,it's actually pretty simple

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2/17/2003 3:52:08 PM

KAREN,what is it you don't understand,i'll try to help if i can

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2/20/2003 12:09:18 PM

MUDDY, can you please shed some light on how to find hot ETFs or worst performing ETFs?
Thank you.

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2/20/2003 4:37:18 PM

JATIN9, glad to,good way to do it is get a copy of Wall Street Journal every few days and compare the ETF or HOLDER'S YTD% change of todays copy with the previous copy(s),that way you can stay right on top of them as they make their move up or down,very easy cause unlike IBD WSJ lists them all together under one heading,that being "exchange traded portfolios" in the american stock exchange quote section,pretty simple cause there's only about 100 of them and over time you will develop favorites which may narrow your field down to about 20-30 to keep an eye on with whatever indicators you use,for me i use bollinger bands and volume which over the past few years have proven very reliable.I have found that trading ETF'S with average daily volume under 50000 shares many times gives me poor bid and ask spreads so i avoid those.When you find ones your considering go to,in upper left corner of home page is quote box,just click your symbols and to the right you can click charts for the time frame you want and also click holdings to see every stock held in that ETF which is a pretty neat feature,if you have any more ? i'll try to answer them, have fun,MUDDY

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6/3/2003 2:07:51 PM

So, this is not really a screen that Stockfetcher can help us find, right? Or is there a way that SF can help us find candidates?


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6/3/2003 2:38:35 PM

Ok one quick newbie question...

Are all of the EFTs on "Holdrs" or are some of them activelt managed and thus not "Stuck" with the under performers?

Do you just go to or and look for the one with the largest negative percentage?

I guess that's 2 questions. :)

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