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12/18/2006 9:07:01 AM

GorillaTrades System Tutorial

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12/18/2006 12:10:00 PM

So what is thier magic system? Has anyone took the time to de-compile it yet?

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8/3/2016 10:52:36 PM

Anyone ever done a free trial, looked at their picks, and tried to reverse engineer??

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8/4/2016 6:22:56 AM

I took the 30-dayes free subscription.
Since my reverse engineering are pretty limited, is anyone willing to take the challenge?

Thursday August 4, 2016

New Potential GorillaPick
Symbol: MDVN
Name: Medivation Inc.
Industry: Biotechnology
Trigger Price: 64.12
Confirmation Volume Area: 1.95M
First Target: 69.25
Second Target: 77.50
Stop Loss: 58.75
Risk Rating: 4

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8/22/2016 4:37:28 AM

Here are the picks from the last 2 weeks (Date of pick, Symbol, Entry trigger)

2/8 BIG 54.15
5/8 ADP 149.53
6/8 EA 79.86
9/8 MGM 24.73
10/8 PKG 75.65
11/8 ADBE 100.99
12/8 FDX 166.17
13/8 INCR 46.29
16/8 ICE 280.32
19/8 DPZ 147.82
20/8 APH 61.35

Feel free to attempt reverse engineering.

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8/22/2016 6:28:38 PM

Buys seem to occur near a 52 week high, perhaps with a slight pullback...
or a clean breakout ... long and strong...
no stocks under a 50 (ma) or even a 20 (ma) as an entry...

So their approach is to jump on the saddle of very strong stocks for a piece of the ride... It seems.

If you join for the free trial you can look at the last 15 years of data and look at their top 50 winners and review the charts when they were recommended and see these guys play strength and breakouts or

If temporary weakness then...
price > ma (50)
price > ma(20)
rsi(2) < 20
ave volume (30) > 500000

My 2c


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