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8/25/2006 10:20:01 AM


I'm looking to buy a charting package with good quality data source. I'm after FX, Worldwide Indexes and US/UK stocks.

I was thinking of buying eSignal, but it's fairly pricey - and after reading about TRO's banned experience, I'm thinking again!

Any views/feedback shared would be most useful,


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8/25/2006 5:52:31 PM

eSignal is a great charting package.

If you use it, you get to use all my studies free!

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8/26/2006 5:02:49 AM

Hey Rump,

I thought you don't like eSignal anymore because of the recent clash you had with them, i.e. your posting privileges etc.

Personally I do not separate the offer of a company or site and its moral / customer friendly behavior. No matter how good a site may be, I will not deal with them if they are unethical or don't pass my test of "friendly customer relations".

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8/26/2006 11:43:43 AM


I never said I didn't like eSignal's charting package.

What I don't like is eSignal's inconsistent enforcement of their forum rules. It's ok for some people to have links to websites where people can pay money to get a study but it's not ok for me to have a link to where people can get my studies for free. How is that in the best interest of their customers of which I am one? I love free stuff! I don't ever want to pay more than I have to.

Woodie has a link to his website on eSignal's forum. Woodie has a .pdf manual on his site explaining his method. At the end of the manual, there is a page telling where you can get charting software to display his method. That charting software is NOT eSignal!! How is THAT in eSignal's best interest? And they claim I am trying to lure customers away!

Do you see why I am bothered by this? Now, it's not just about me - it's a fight for fairness for all. Who else is not being treated fairly?

The point of trading is to MAKE MONEY.

I do want I do because I think it's in my best interest.

What is a company?

It's an entity that provides a service and/or produces goods. A company usually employees people.

The point of a company is to MAKE MONEY.

A company does what it does because the decision makers think it's in their company's best interest.

So I can't really fault a company for its decision. I may not like it but it's their choice. Best I can do is convince them to see/do things my way. Sometimes it's through logic and reason. When that doesn't work, I sometimes resort to PUBLIC EMBARASSMENT because NO ONE likes that.

With the advent of the internet, I can spread the embarassment worldwide with a click of the mouse. In this case, "the mouse is mightier than the sword".

Most people just shrug it off, turn the other cheek or just roll over. That's not my style. I fight back. I told eSignal that I never hit first but I always hit back. And I follow Sun Tzu's teachings of CRUSHING YOUR ENEMY. Some may find it juvenile but it's a jungle out here and it's dog eat dog, eat cat too!

I am easy to get along with. Just leave me alone and don't try to stop me from doing what I want to do. Let me trade, code and help my fellow traders. If anyone tries to prevent me from doing that they are in for a fight to the finish. It's that simple.

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