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5/16/2006 7:44:17 PM

Featured on CNN, Fox News, CNBC and MSNBC...

It's one of the most universal, versatile, and fuel efficient motors ever built

The tiny $1.87 engineering company that has developed the motor is my next blockbuster renewable energy investment
Dear Reader:

Time is of the essence on this renewable energy stock play. Here's the skinny.

About a month ago I recommended a $0.50 stock to members of my Green Chip Stocks investment service.

My investment thesis was simple: the company had developed one of the most versatile, universal and fuel efficient motors ever built.

Now I don't have time to give you all of the details. But I do have a full-blown report that gives you the shebang about the technology. In a nutshell, here's what this new motor can do...
From gasoline to diesel... to renewables such as ethanol and hydrogen, this engine can run off of 6 different forms of fuel

It has only 13 moving parts... compared to the 40 moving parts of today's conventional piston engines

It has universal applications: At only half the weight of a typical motor... it can be used in everything from weed-whackers and hand-drills to automobiles, boats and jumbo jets

Plus the new motor is 2X as powerful and uses 30% less fuel!

Now like I said, I've already recommended this stock to my readers. Investors who got in the day of my first recommendation are now sitting on at least a 200% gain. That's because today the stock is trading for about $1.87 a share.

Best part is - the market is still completely unaware of the company and its blockbuster renewable energy technology.

But when the market discovers it though, I expect this stock to go from its current price of $1.87 to at least $3.00... maybe even $4 a share by May 14.

Jeff Siegel is the managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, an investment advisory service that has had stunning success in 2005 with portfolio returns of over 39% for the year... and for 2006 he's already up more than 65%. Jeff focuses on stocks in the emerging and lucrative organic food and renewable energy industries.

Jeff is a new breed of investor. Part entrepreneur, part Renaissance man, Jeff is an accomplished musician and writer, having recorded and performed all over the world - from London to Rome to New York. He was even called upon to score part of the latest Exorcist prequel.

From 1994 to 2001, Jeff worked for Agora Publishing, one of the largest financial newsletter publishers in the world.

In the past 4 years, he traveled across America searching for mega-trends that'll usher in a new generation of wealth.

Once a week in Green Chip Stocks, Jeff highlights investment opportunities in the fast-growing "Green" market.
Here's why...

On the morning of April 18... as I was checking out the Green Chip Portfolio (now up +111.43% since last year), I came across a press release that nearly knocked me out of my chair.

It was an announcement that's literally going to turn this tiny $1.87 engineering company into a household name.

You see, the company's technology is starting to get some major attention. In fact, the company's motor will be featured on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Fox.

That's huge news.

But it gets even better

Because the Pentagon has to cut its petroleum usage by 20% (because of Executive Order 13149), the military is currently testing this company's new motor for UAVs.

If the test goes well, it could be used in everything from UAVs to Humvees to Navy ships.

And that's why I'm sending you this urgent recommendation so you can get in this stock today. Because, starting now, the rally to $3 to $4 a share will have already begun.

Make no mistake. What you are about to read here is the rare kind of opportunity that every Wall Street fat cat dreams of finding when they sleep at night. Something that could realistically give you a solid 100%... even 200% gain within the next three weeks.

God Bless the Press!

You see, we've seen, time and time again how explosive the renewable energy market is becoming. And it's just not environmentalists getting in on the act. Everybody recognizes the need to get off oil.

I'm not talking about just Joe Investor either. I'm talking about everyone. Even the richest man on the planet, Bill Gates, is buying up shares in renewable energy and ethanol.

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates last week invested $84 million in ethanol, and fellow computer pioneers are following that strategy in anticipation that technology will help wean America from its oil addiction. -April 18, 2006

``I put forward an energy initiative that would make our dependence on Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past.'' -George Bush, April 15, 2006

"The AES Corporation-one of the world's largest global power companies, with 2005 revenues of US$11.1 billion-announced plans to invest approximately $1 billion over the next three years to expand the company's alternative energy business..." -April 17, 2006

The company Bill Gates invested in - Pacific Ethanol- is a stock I recommended to my subscribers this past January. We got in around $10 a share.


Well look for yourself:

The stock is up 240% in the Green Chip portfolio.

Brother, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

With oil hitting record highs every day it seems... and gasoline prices shooting up quicker than Whitney Houston in a swank hotel bathroom, one of the biggest pushes the renewable industry has ever seen is about to happen.

And that's why this $1.87 engineering company's revolutionary motor is about to become a household name - starting now.

And that's why I'm writing to you today. I want you to get in while it's still only $1.87.

But you have to be asking by now, "What is so great about this company?"

Check this out...

Karl Otto... Outta Here!
Under the hood of almost every car on the road today sits a four-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE).

Though there have been numerous modifications to it over the years, the basic concept of the ICE is the same today as it was when it was invented by Karl Otto in 1876.

But the automotive industry - as well as the agricultural, construction, military, Homeland Security and even landscaping industries - may soon be revolutionized by this new rotary motor that has 2 to 3 times the power and weighs half as much as a typical ICE.

That's right, after a full 19 years of testing, the 139 year old four-stroke internal combustion engine is about to become as useful as a horse and buggy in the Daytona 500.

All because this tiny engineering company did the impossible - it built and successfully tested a new engine that's far more efficient, powerful, smaller, lighter and easier to maintain than any engine in use today.

Plus - it's a consumer's paradise!

Compared to the conventional internal combustion engine, this baby runs nearly silent, has thousands (yes, literally thousands) of applications and - here's the best part - it isn't held hostage by foreign oil.

That's because the engine can run on just about anything you could give it, from fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, all the way to renewables, such as, hydrogen and ethanol - interchangeably!

That means that while the hydrogen and/or ethanol filling stations are coming up, people will now be able to make the transition, with the same vehicle if it runs on this motor.

The Department of Defense is already testing out this company's engine in their UAVs, which are going to be a multi-billion dollar market in the future - not to mention what the big three automakers are planning.

As you can imagine, when this news reaches viewers of Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC and CNN, Wall Street investors and fat cats are going to have a field day with this company...then the fastest gains will already be made.

Now, I could go on talking about this company for hours on end, but time is a MAJOR factor here and I've already prepared a special, free report on this company for you that lays out all the juicy details. And in one moment, I'm going to show you exactly how to get it. The name of the report is Instant Gains: The Tiny Engine that Could. And you can get your hands on it in a few minutes.

But first, let me say...

Welcome to Green Chip Stocks
For months I've been uncovering some of the most profitable renewable energy companies in the market, and sharing them with my readers in time for some massive profits - across the board.

Take a look:

Company Exchange Date Initial Price Current/Sold Status Percent
Organic Food Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $8.81 $17.63 Buy 100.1%
Renewable Energy Stock OTCBB 01/01/2005 $0.30 $0.38 Buy 26.66%
Organic Food Stock CDNX 01/01/2005 $.90 $2.40 Buy 166.6%
Organic Food Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $20.67 $25.71 Hold 24.38%
Renewable Energy Stock CDNX 01/01/2005 $2.95 $3.40 Buy 15.25%
Sustainable Lifestyles Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $5.90 $18.09 Buy 206.6%
Renewable Energy Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $7.18 $10.06 Buy 40.11%
Renewable Energy Stock NYSE 01/01/2005 $16.28 $37.95 Hold 133.1%
Supplements Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $9.23 $9.76 Sold 5.742%
Supplements Stock Nasdaq 01/01/2005 $15.27 $16.86 Buy 10.41%
Renewable Energy Stock Nasdaq 01/05/2006 $10.82 $36.18 Buy 234.3%
Hybrid Stock TSX 9/9/2005 $1.05 $1.20 Buy 14.28%
Renewable Energy Stock Nasdaq 10/12/2005 $8.50 $11.7199 Buy 37.88%
Renewable Fuels Stock OTCBB 03/24/2006 $0.50 $1.87 Buy 274%
Hybrid Stock Toronto 2/2/2006 $4.22 $4.51 Buy 6.872%
XSUNX Inc* OTCBB 10/21/2005 $0.36 $2.53 Sold 564.55%

*Half of the XSUNX Inc. position was sold on 3/6/06 at $2.10. The remainder of the position was sold on 3/17/06 at $2.53, the percentage gain is the total gain of the entire position after both sales.

Total Portfolio (+/-) : 116.31 %

Even though ethanol and solar stocks have had a great run of late, it's still an industry explosion that hasn't caught on with John Q. Investor just yet.

In fact, the ordinary investor doesn't have a clue about the potential in these stocks.

You see, I recently attended the Power-Gen Renewable Energy and Fuels Conference in Las Vegas.

It's one of the largest, most influential future and clean energy conferences in America, where policymakers and leaders in the energy industries learn about the latest in renewable technologies.

It was there that I had an epiphany.

You see while attending some closed-door seminars with some of the most powerful CEOs in the industry, I made an important and profitable discovery - one that has already made some investors a lot of money!

I realized that this year and next, there's going to be a parade of renewable energy IPOs that will capture the attention of Wall Street.

It'll rival the IPO bull market of Internet stocks during the 1990s.

But in the meantime, smaller companies that are currently public are going to go gangbusters as investors try to jump on the bandwagon.

That's why I want to offer you all the juicy little details in my report, Instant Gains: The Tiny Engine that Could, completely free of charge when you sign up to my service GreenChip Stocks.

Let me explain...

Green Chip Stocks represent the most important stocks traded today, for one simple reason - these are the stocks that will be the catalyst for the first real profit trend of the 21st century.

A profit trend that is already worth more than $30 billion in its infancy!!!

Grabbing your share now is like getting a piece of the automobile market back in 1908. And I don't mean just Ford either. I'm talking about the market as a whole. Oil, rubber tires, road construction, etc.

But don't take my word for it. Check out what current subscribers have to say:

In an era of being tougher and tougher to find undervalued conventional energy plays you are a breath of fresh air. Sitting on good profits from *CENSORED* (145%), Planet Organic (doubled original investment, sold, and bought back in at $1.99), and *CENSORED* (30%). I don't know where you find them, but please keep it up." -Ryan

"Dear Jeff,

Re: *CENSORED*. I bought this stock at 10245 with a purchase price of $ 0.37. I am trading now for 21 years in stocks. I never had such a huge profit in 3 month in my portfolio. So, you will understand I am very happy, that I have a subscription of your letter, also with the other stocks.

I wish you all the best in 2006 in health and trading. I will be looking forward with trust for the next latest recommendations. Best regards." -Leo

"Hi Jeff,
Just thought I'd reply to your recent request, and let you know that I bought *CENSORED* on your recommendation at .80, so as of today (less than 2 weeks later!) I'm up 80%. Just wish I'd been a subscriber earlier! Looking forward to more recommendations from you." -S.F.

"Hello Jeff,
Was reading you letter this morning and thought I would drop you a line. Up 163% on *CENSORED*! Bought in at .57 a share. My deepest and darkest regret.....I didn't mortgage the house! Thanks for the work!" -M.P.

"Hi Jeff,
I will say that I was never much a believer in "penny stocks" but between Green Chip, Pure Energy & Secret Stocks, I am now a true believer. So far I am ahead $41,610 in Planet Organic plus $45,795 in *CENSORED* for a total of $97,405. Keep up the great work and keep the suggestions coming. Planet Organic bought @ $1.6728 us/share and *CENSORED* @ $0.5241 us/share. Thank You." -T. L., CA
Turning the Green Movement into Mountains of Greenbacks
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Siegel.

I worked for one of the nation's largest financial publishers between 1994 to 2001, studying the financial markets from some of the top investment minds in the world.

For the past 4 years, I've been traveling the world investigating the state and the future of energy.

My travels took me to Rome to London to New York... and everywhere in between.

Now, when I worked with some of the top investment minds in the biz, they taught me that the time to invest in a stock or industry, is when nobody is talking about it. You sell it when everybody is talking about it.

Even though renewable energy is becoming a hot topic, there are still a mountain of skeptics who believe this is just a fad. President Bush, however, begs to differ.

And this report features my favorite energy stock, the company that bridges gasoline to renewables.

Trading for $1.87, this stock is already proving its worth... and could return well over 300% in the coming months and years.

Simply fill out your membership form, and I'll immediately send you a username and password that'll give you access to the report.

Plus, when you join Green Chip Stocks, you'll be entitled to receive my members-only daily letter, which updates you on current positions and alerts you to new stocks I'm recommending.

So, you get the report, Instant Gains: The Tiny Engine that Could, plus a full year of Green Chip Stocks.

Not a bad deal... for just $199 a year. That's right, you get a full year of Green Chip Stocks for only $199.

Think about that, each issue of Green Chip Stocks costs you less than a buck. For less than the cost of lunch at McDonalds, you get my exclusive analysis of the more than $30 billion a year "alternative" energy market. But remember, it's no longer alternative. It's mainstream.

If you're still unsure, you can "test-drive" the service and get my report on this stock for just $55, which is the quarterly fee for the service.

And you can cancel anytime for any reason if you're not satisfied with the service.

But please act fast.

As you can imagine, when this news reaches viewers of Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC and CNN, Wall Street investors and fat cats are going to have a field day with this company...then the fastest gains will already be made.

I urge you to get in on this company, while it's still $1.87, because the run to +$3 is about to begin.

Click here:

Warm regards,

Jeff Siegel

P.S. - Become a member today, and I'll also throw in my special report, "Renewable Profits Left Unattended." This report highlights 5 of the most profitable and undervalued renewable energy stocks in the market today. From industrial solar applications to next-generation hybrid technology to a global geothermal company that's just landed one of the most lucrative renewable energy contracts in India - these are the companies Wall Street will be pumping up tomorrow. But you can read about them right now!

Get your report now

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5/16/2006 11:06:23 PM

I needed one of these tonight.

The company seems to be RGUS. Check out the following website. Scrool down to around April 19th. Yahoo info on the company seems to talk about these types of engines.

But be careful, I also found this site . .

which linked me to this site. . .

Read the "WARNING ABOUT INVESTMENT OFFERS" on the upper right hand side of the Angel Labs page. There could be two different products. I know nothing about engines, but it's best to look through everything.

Good luck.

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5/17/2006 12:13:15 AM

Nice detective work!


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5/17/2006 10:18:07 AM


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5/17/2006 11:06:37 AM

TRO, I haven't really followed the "Detective Work" threads closely but I'm curious. Have you followed up on the performance of any of these stocks which are suspected to be profiled?

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5/23/2006 10:04:54 AM

Just load them into a yahoo portfolio, a SF watchlist or both.

Let the computer do the work!


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5/23/2006 10:07:57 AM

Look what happened today!

Note: Price crossed above previous day's midpoint!


Another 5-Bagger Renewable Energy Stock

May 21, 2006

Dear reader,

I have two reasons for writing to you on a Sunday.

First, I just got back from New York City where I was a featured guest on Forbes on Fox. The reason I was featured on this show was because renewable energy stocks are absolutely white hot right now.

Even with the sell-off we've witness over the last couple of weeks, everybody understands that renewable energy is the wave of the future.

The host of Forbes on Fox asked me to give 2 renewable energy stocks I like. I gave him Pacific Ethanol and SunOpta. Both of those stocks trade for $29 and $9 a share, respectively. So within the renewable energy sector, Pacific Ethanol and SunOpta are somewhat conservative and "discovered" stocks.

What I didn't give him was my blockbuster of the year: My #1 renewable energy trade for 2006. Why didn't I give it to him?

For starters, it's a $1.25 bio-fuel stock. About a month ago this bio-fuel company struck a deal with the US Department of Defense to develop a future fuel for the military.

I think this stock is headed to $10 a share... and I mean headed to $10 a share by the end of this year!

Had I said this on Fox, there would've been a feeding frenzy on this stock like you wouldn't believe. In fact, I'm positive this stock would've immediately jumped 50% Monday morning. And I didn't want to be responsible for "pumping" a penny stock on national television.

The second reason I'm writing to you today is because I will give you the name of this stock if you accept my no-risk membership to my Green Trader service - an invitation that doesn't cost you a dime unless you're totally satisfied:

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