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With a little detective work, we should be able to figure out the names of the 3 companies mentioned below.

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AQNT up 4,233%
FLIR up 4,587%
ELN up 2,765%
GLW up 2,444%
AMR up 1,948%



Dear Reader,

When a corporate crisis strikes, one thing is sure to happen: Investors will panic.

But what if you don’t...?

Faulty books? Everyone sells. Disappointing sales? Everyone sells. Trouble with the unions? Everyone sells.

But what if you were to buy...?

I don’t mean right away. I’m talking about watching carefully... waiting patiently... following a disciplined strategy... and then acting only when the time is right.

Do this correctly, and you can easily see gains of 500%... 1,000%... 2,000%

Just imagine being able to buy a house in the mountains... a cabin on the lake... or the sports car you have always dreamed of... from the proceeds of just one or two investments.

I can help you make that dream a reality, and that’s why I’m writing you today.

Every year hundreds of high-flying companies fall from their lofty positions. It may be the consequences of bad luck or bad plans. Either way... it’s natural. Some businesses just don’t succeed. As the Lion King said to Simba, “It’s the cycle of life.”

But there are exceptions…

Some companies – on the brink of extinction – accomplish something remarkable. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they deny death its due and, instead, soar to the stratosphere.

An Investment Strategy that Can Make You a Millionaire
If you have ever bought shares of a formerly great company and then seen that company come back to life, you know the rare feeling of making a fortune simply by buying a stock.

Think about it. Let’s say a $30 stock gets hit with an accounting scandal and goes into a freefall. And you watch that stock until finally there is a glimmer of good news to report. But at this point you can buy it for $3.

There’s a new CEO in place... the books are in order... and sales are growing. That’s when investors pile back in... just as fast as they hit the exit on the way down. In a matter of weeks the stock is at $6 and you just doubled your money. Two years later the stock is back at $30... and you’re sitting on a 1000% return!

Over the years, I’ve followed dozens of situations where a very strong company takes a dramatic fall... and then dusts itself off and sets out on the road to recovery.

Investing in these companies can make you a millionaire!

I have NEVER found another investment strategy that can produce such high returns... in such a short period of time... without taking huge risks.

When a house is on fire, most people run away. So, why didn’t I? How did I know to keep an eye on these stocks when everyone else wanted to forget about them?

Simple: I took the time to learn the difference between a company that can weather a crisis and bounce back (like a champion fighter) and a company that is like a convict heading to the chair (a dead man walking).

The good news is that you won’t have to watch these stocks until just the right time to buy... I can do that for you.

How I Developed My Advantage... and What it Means to You
It all started with my first equity research client...

He was a multi-millionaire who made his fortune starting his own companies and he employed me to find passive investments that were worth his time. But he wasn’t looking for 15% a year – he already had millions in investments like that.

What he wanted, were stocks that could make him a second fortune – stocks with the potential to return 1,000% or more. But he is a very shrewd man, and he made it clear that he was not interested in taking big risks.

He didn’t want pie-in-the-sky growth stories... here-today-gone-tomorrow penny stocks... or unproven technologies that are years away from deployment.

He wanted solid companies with a wide margin of safety that could realistically turn a six figure investment into millions.

And the ONLY way I have found to do that (consistently) is to identify strong companies that have weathered a storm and are on the road to recovery.

Learning to discern the critical differences between a company headed for bankruptcy and a company coming back to life was, by far, the most valuable financial skill I have ever acquired.

It took me years to develop my edge, and I’d like to share this advantage with you. If you’re interested in what I’ve learned, all you have to do is keep reading.

In this letter I’m going to show you two indicators that I consider to be foolproof. When you find these two things in place, businesses don’t go under. Of course, you won’t find both factors in most crisis companies. But, when you do: look out. You will typically make five to ten times your money.

I will also tell you about three of the most promising (and safest) investments in the stock market today... companies that can put $10,000 in your pocket for every grand you invest.

Before we get started, though, there are a few things you should know...

Three Things You Should to Know
About Profiting from “Crisis” Situations
First, my two best indicators for success are not financially complex.

Believe me... I look at everything before I recommend a stock. But the truth is, successful crisis investing isn’t about numbers or charts. It is about people and experience. So don’t go skimming through this letter looking for a P/E ratio or a “stochastic” signal. That’s not how it works.

Second, you should understand that my edge in the market does not entail making lots of investments.

The biggest mistake you can make in crisis investing is trying to “force it” by investing at the wrong time or playing too many companies. If you have ever played poker, you know what I mean. It’s not how many hands you play that counts... but how many hands you win.

Third, I want to dispel a big myth right away. Most financial advisors will tell you that this kind of investing is risky. That is a complete lie.

The kind of investing I specialize in simply doesn’t make money for professional investment advisors. As a result, those who may be giving you advice either don’t know (or don’t want to know) how a system like mine works.

On the other hand, almost all of the world’s greatest private investors follow a system like this. What does that tell you about who’s taking the bigger risks?

And don’t forget... one risk that all investors face is the need to earn significant returns – not the paltry 4% a year that index funds have returned since 2000.

If your gut tells you that the biggest investment gains probably don’t depend on a mathematical formula... that investing shouldn’t mean buying dozens of different stocks each year... and that making enough money in stocks is just as important as not losing any... then you and I are on the same page.

And my system will work for you.

Focus on Stocks that Other People are Afraid Of
It might be hard for you to do at first... but the first step in my system is to learn to become comfortable doing the opposite of what everyone else tells you.

They say Google is a great stock. Avoid it.

They say Radio Shack is going out of business? Take a closer look.

If you want to make a lot of money in stocks – and I’m talking about MORE than double your money – you have to learn to look where other investors fear to tread.

Most people think they are being sensible by waiting for things to look really good before they buy a stock. The problem is, when things look “really good” it doesn’t take much for things to get “not quite as good” – and when that happens, you lose money.

How many times have you heard about a high-flying company that BEAT expectations... but the stock sank because the “good news” was just not “good enough?” It happens all the time.

But companies that have run into trouble don’t have to “beat expectations.” All these companies have to do is solve their problems, and the stock will rise... and FAST!

When Bad News for a Company Can Be GREAT News for Your Portfolio...
There are lots of reasons a company may run into trouble. In some cases, it has everything to do with how the company is managed. Other times, it has nothing to do with the company itself.

But the bottom line is this...

When you find a company that is like a champion fighter – knocked down, but not out – and you buy that company as it catches its breath and regains its stride, you have put yourself in position to double your money in a matter of months.

And if you hold on for the ride, you have the very real potential to make 10 times your investment as the company reclaims its former glory!

In a moment, I’ll tell you how I’ve learned to identify which “fallen angels” will soar back to the heavens... and I’ll tell you about three stocks that are about to do just that.

But before I get to these urgent recommendations, I want you to see how explosive this can be...

aQuantive Weathers the Tech Bust... and Gains 4,233%
aQuantive Inc. is the largest Internet-only advertising agency. As the web grew, so did the company. For good reason – aQuantive (then called Avenue A) offered its clients a superior return for their advertising dollars.

But when the tech bubble popped, so did shares of aQuantive, falling more than 95%.

However, aQuantive was no dot-com illusion. The company was very profitable and had a proven business model. And even during its darkest hour, aQuantive was improving its services and positioning itself to capitalize when demand returned.

When online ad revenues began to rise again, aQuantive was the most likely candidate to receive those dollars. And those who invested while the company was on the ropes could have turned $10,000 into more than $400,000!

For the most part, aQuantive was a victim of the economy. This next company brought trouble upon itself...

FLIR Increases 4,587% on the Heels of an SEC Investigation
Imagine turning $4,000 into enough cash to buy a brand new Bentley!

That’s what this next stock could have done for you (and you can bet that “conventional wisdom” would have told you to avoid it).

FLIR Systems makes thermal-imaging cameras that are used in hundreds of applications. The company was growing, but when earnings fell behind expectations, the executives decided to cook the books.

When the truth came out, the shareholders filed suit, the SEC stepped in to investigate and the stock hit the floor. But despite the difficulties, every problem the company had could be fixed.

The board tapped industry veteran Earl Lewis as the new CEO and gave him a mandate to turn things around. Lewis brought in a new executive team... he instituted rock-solid financial controls... reduced the workforce... split the company into two divisions... and ramped up production of the most profitable products.

Within months, sales were growing again, the books were in order, and the company was retiring debt. Here’s what you could have made by investing in FLIR when the chips were down...

Here is another company that fell hard... picked itself up... and then handed investors HUGE returns...

Corning Rises 2,444% in Just Over Three Years
Corning, Inc. is a diversified technology company, but at one time, over half its revenue was tied to telecom. That was a good thing when broadband was booming. But Corning got slammed when the telecom bubble popped. The stock fell more than 95%.

But the company didn’t stay down for long...

Former CEO, James Houghton came out of retirement to lead an aggressive turnaround strategy. He laid-off workers to cut costs and sold non-core assets to raise funds. The company used the proceeds to restructure debt and invest in other very promising technologies. Here’s the opportunity that Corning offered to crisis investors...

Two Comebacks in Two Years for Elan...

The pharmaceutical company, Elan, has engineered two remarkable comebacks in recent years. Had you invested in either one, you would have made a killing.
In 2001, an accounting scandal sent the stock crashing. But chairman, Garo Armen, cleaned house immediately, firing the CEO and CFO and selling assets to stabilize the company financially. Then he restructured operations to focus on the company’s two most promising products. Within months, the stock began to climb.

Two years later, Elan endured a product related setback when the company withdrew one of its drugs from the market. But Elan was flush with cash, it had other profitable products, and it soon became clear that the drug would return to the market. After a near vertical drop, the stock began to climb again.

American Airlines Flies through a “Perfect Storm”...
Four years ago, American Airlines faced a litany of challenges. 9/11 and the ensuing recession dampened the public’s interest in flying. The company faced stiff competition from low cost carriers. And an executive pay scandal wreaked havoc with the unions.

Yet, if you had invested in American when times were tough, you could have made more than 10 times your money.

A new CEO, Gerard Arpey, took control and put an employee-based turnaround strategy in place. The company turned over every stone to save money... cutting costs at the terminal, saving on maintenance, slashing fuel consumption, and selling unneeded real estate.

With a lower cost structure, rising fares and fuller planes, American was on the road to recovery. Within 12 months of hitting its low, the stock was up more than 1,000%...

Apple Shines... Handing Investors More than 1,200%
Apple Computer has been getting headlines for hitting new highs, but only three years ago, journalists were writing the company’s obituary. The one-two punch of the tech crash and 9-11 took a bite out of Apple. Sales dropped and the stock fell off a cliff.

But Apple CEO Steve Jobs knew that the recession was lifting, and he devised a brilliant strategy to turn the company around. Here’s what it meant to investors who saw opportunity when Apple was in the doldrums...

5 Times Your Money on America’s #1 Office Products Retailer
Office Depot was a victim of its own success. When an aggressive expansion saddled the company with too many unprofitable stores, shares fell more than 75%. But a new CEO, Bruce Nelson, stepped in to turn the company around.

He closed 70 stores, expanded in more profitable markets, and emphasized Office Depot’s online business. Retail operations quickly improved, and online sales are now more than half the company’s business. This is what it meant to investors...

Circuit City Falls Hard... Recovers Quickly
The tech crash and a prolonged remodeling campaign took its toll on Circuit City. Costs were up, sales were down, and from its peak, CC fell more than 90%.

But Circuit City was a very sound retail operation. It just had a tough time moving product for a few quarters. With the recession lifting, the remodeling complete, and more than 50 stores relocated to hot locations, Circuit City was poised to take off...

Okay, I could tell story after story, but you get the point. You can make a fortune by investing in troubled companies that bounce back.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how I find these companies... and I’ll tell you about three stocks that could pay HUGE returns in the months ahead.

But before you consider these recommendations, please consider my qualifications...

I Can Help You Make More Money... More Safely!
My name is Andrew Gordon.

I’m the Financial Editor of the Early to Rise newsletter, and chief editor of The Skeptical Advisor, a research service that reveals undervalued opportunities for large gains in very safe investments. Thousands of readers have profited from my recommendations.

But that’s just what I do. Here’s what qualifies me to do it...

Since graduating from the London School of Economics, I have enjoyed a 25-year career in business that has taken me around the world.

I have been involved in infrastructure in Indonesia... port development in Russia... road construction in Malaysia... environmental services in China... to property development, healthcare and telecommunications. I’ve worked with iron and steel companies, chemical manufacturers, producers of oil and gas, and power generation companies.

I’ve been in the trenches, bumping heads and closing deals. But I have also stepped back to observe from afar, authoring six books on the global markets.

I have spent my entire career evaluating companies and appraising investments... and my experience could make you a lot of money.

How I Find the Millionaire-Makers of Tomorrow... Today!
You already know that you can make 10... 20... even 50 times your money by investing in strong companies that overcome a crisis.

As you can imagine, finding companies that are trading near their long-term lows is the easy part. The challenge is to identify the ones that don’t belong there... and then get in before they make the big move.

There is a way to do this with a very high degree of accuracy. You start by looking for two primary indicators:

Highly experienced executive leadership
Massive hidden assets
Let’s cover number one first...

Rule #1: Forget the Charts... Focus on People and Experience
Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

In other words, if the problems a company faces are internal – if they have anything to do with management or the company itself – then the company MUST have new leadership.

If the old team remains, so will the old ideas. I don’t touch these situations, no matter how loudly management claims to have “found religion.”

A successful turnaround starts in the minds of people. Employees and investors alike must be optimistic and believe strongly in the company’s success.

And it all starts at the top. Every successful turnaround I have studied was directed by an extremely successful and highly experienced leadership team.

Great management is important to the success of any company. But in a crisis – with little margin for error – it is absolutely critical.

So, what impact can highly experienced, new leadership have on a company in crisis?

Consider Waste Management, Inc. In 1999, WMI lost over a billion dollars. The accounting was so messed up the company couldn’t even close the books. The stock went into a vertical freefall.

That’s when the board hired Maury Myers (an operations guru) and Tom Smith (a systems expert) to take over. As a team, Myers and Smith had already saved three public companies from bankruptcy. It was a pretty good bet they could do the same for WMI.

And that “bet” is now up more than 200%.

Or consider Tyco International. In 2002, Tyco was flirting with bankruptcy after top executives looted the company and left it drowning in debt. That’s when the highly respected and eminently qualified, Ed Breen left the number two position at Motorola to lead Tyco. Smart money bet on Breen.

And by January of last year, Tyco was up 300%.

Rule #2: Look for Companies with Massive Hidden Assets...
The second criteria that can help you cull the winners from the losers is to look for companies with hidden assets and are deeply undervalued.

This is important for two reasons.

First... weathering a crisis and turning a company around demands significant capital. Only the strong survive. Those companies that are successful are ones with enough real net asset value (not always what the balance sheet says) to finance a transition.

The second reason is risk. I don’t like to lose money, and I bet you don’t either. But how much risk is there in buying a dollar bill for sixty cents? Not much.

And if there is EVER a time to find massive value in a company, it is when the company is in crisis. When investors become blinded by pessimism, the price of a stock can easily become dislocated from the true value of the company.

That’s precisely what happened in 2003 when you could buy Apple and Circuit City for less than their liquid assets. In other words... buy the cash, and get the business for free. It doesn’t get any safer than that!

In cases of extreme pessimism, the market can overlook BILLIONS.

Take Kmart, for example. After years of competition with Wal-Mart and Target, Kmart crumbled and investors left the company for dead. But a brilliant billionaire, Eddie Lampert, knew there was massive value hidden in Kmart’s real estate.

He took control of the company for $900 million, then turned around and sold 5% of the real estate for $850 million... recouping almost the entire investment, while retaining more than 1,400 locations!

Had you invested $10,000 in Kmart’s turnaround, you would be sitting on a cool hundred grand today!

“Hidden assets” could be a lot of things... retrievable brand equity... undervalued real estate... intellectual property... a new technology... products in the pipeline... you name it.

The key is that these assets are not factored into the price of the stock. And there is no time this is more likely to happen than when a company is in crisis.

Corning is a perfect example. When the market was entirely focused on the implosion of the fiber-optics business, Corning was priced at just over $1 a share. Never mind that the company had a near monopoly on the glass for LCD screens – a burgeoning multibillion dollar business.

Beware of Falling Knives and Dead Cats Bouncing
Okay... there is one more thing you should know.

Selecting the right company is important. But if you want to play this game safely and get the highest returns possible... TIMING is critical.

There is an investing adage that states, "Wait long, then move fast."

Nowhere are those words more appropriate that investing in a company in crisis. Sometimes it takes more than a year for these situations to play out.

You don’t want to step in too early while a stock is still falling. That’s why I always have an extensive “watch list”... and I have LOTS of patience.

But you don’t want to get in too late either. Prices rise the fastest at the earliest stage of the recovery, and your returns increase exponentially the cheaper you buy the stock. That’s how you make the HUGE money.

So... to reduce the risk dramatically, I have two secrets for “waiting smart.”

Never try to catch a falling knife.
Unless you happen to get lucky, you will never call the bottom in a stock. Cheap is all you get. So when a company becomes undervalued I watch carefully. And to increase the safety factor even more, I wait for upward momentum. I look for companies that have just turned the corner.

Watch out for dead cats bouncing.
There is an old saying that even a dead cat will bounce if it is dropped from high enough. A “dead cat bounce” is a short-term recovery in a declining trend... in other words, a false recovery. That’s why I always look for evidence of a fundamental change in the company.

Just because the stock is going up again, doesn’t mean it will continue. The upward momentum must be associated with a significant, positive change... a new CEO... litigation settled... a positive earnings report.

A Winning Formula for Success
So, just to summarize, here’s what I look for:

Companies with highly experienced management.
Companies that have massive unrecognized value.
Companies that have become very cheap and are just beginning an upward trend.
Finally, I make sure that upward trend is confirmed by fundamental changes.
Of course, I also take a microscope to years of the company’s financial data. I study their business model, their products, and their corporate strategy. I study the competition. Then I grill company insiders and consult with third party industry experts.

I also look at who is buying the stock. I want to know if the insiders are buying or selling. And I want to know if there any billionaires sniffing around... particularly the guys that specialize in distressed assets. As sure as a trail of ants will lead to a drop of honey... these guys lead to money.... and lots of it.

As you can imagine, all of this requires long hours, very careful research. You must go the extra mile and then beyond. And you must have patience for the time to be right.

But when you do it right, you will have found a very safe investment that has the potential to return 1,000% or more.

But the truth is... YOU don’t have to do any of this. I’ve already done it for you.

The 1000% Report... Three Stocks That Can Make You a Fortune
As you now know, I have identified three companies in today’s market that you can buy at an outrageous discount to their true value!

I have prepared a complete dossier on these explosive opportunities. It’s called The 1000% Report, and the name says it all.

These stocks represent your very best opportunity to make up to 1,000%... without taking huge risks! In fact, one of these stocks could very well gain 2,000% or more.

All three companies have fallen more than 50% and they are temporarily out-of-favor. But they have extremely strong fundamental values, and right now, you can still get in before the turnaround becomes evident to the public.

The potential for these stocks is HUGE... and all they all carry a wide margin of safety.

But don’t count on this window of opportunity to last very long. As you know, timing is critical.

Company #1 – Brighter Prospects than Any
High-Tech Company on the Planet
Without a doubt, this is a multi-billion dollar technology firm in the making... and yet its market cap is less than $90 million. One analyst has said that “this company has a better pipeline than Hewlett-Packard.” Others have compared this firm to a young Microsoft or an up-and-coming Intel.

And today, you can buy it for around $3.50 a share.

Leading the way is a CEO who took a lagging division of GE and turned it into a market leader with over a billion dollars in sales. And you can expect he will do the same for this company. He’s got a lot to work with. The company has more than 100 patents that cover several billion dollar applications.

Their signature device has taken more than 500 person-years to perfect, and during that time it has shrunk from the size of an office desk to the size of your fingernail. At the same time the cost has fallen from the price of a Ferrari to less than a dollar.

The company is already working to develop:

The very best surgical endoscope cameras in the world... at a price that they could be made disposable.
A device that could make plasma screens obsolete... imagine turning any wall in your house into a super high definition television.
Lightweight, affordable, 3-D glasses for the ultimate video gaming experience... Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are already licking their chops.
Pinpoint accurate displays on virtually any surface... allowing soldiers to view maps on the inside of their glasses... and drivers to read driving directions on the lower part of the windshield.
Without a doubt, this is the best opportunity I know of to make 2000% to 3000% in technology. But don’t delay because this stock is heading up in a hurry! Did I mention that Bill Gates has publicly professed his love for this technology?

Company #2 – The Best Real Estate Investment in America Right Now
2005 was a record breaking year for this company, with earnings, revenues and return on equity all posting big gains. And with demand for its products outstripping supply, you can expect the cash train to keep steaming ahead.

And yet, the stock has never been cheaper than it has been in the last two months. The entire sector this company operates in is dirt cheap, and several of the most successful investors of the past two decades are investing HEAVILY right now.

If you believe insider sentiment is an indication of where a stock is headed, then you better pay close attention to this one. The CEO and majority owner of this company thinks it is such a screaming bargain that he wants to buy the whole thing... and he’s willing to put up $450 million of his own money to get it!

If the board accepts his offer, you will simply get back what you invest in the company. But if they reject his offer (as they should) this company should be an easy double in the coming months!

Company #3 – The Safest 100% in Technology Today
This company operates in an industry with huge barriers to entry, and has only one significant competitor. For more than 10 years this firm has maintained a gross margin of 50% or better... and has grown earnings by 20% a year for more than a decade.

But believe it or not, you can buy this company today for the same nominal price (adjusted for splits) that you would have paid 10 years ago! This company has NEVER been cheaper, and it comes at a time when the prospects could not get any better!

Wall Street has overlooked MASSIVE hidden value in this company and I expect this stock to at least double in the near term. In the coming years this stock should easily trade at five to ten times where it is today.

This is an absolute STEAL. It will be one of the best performing stocks of the next several years!

These Stocks are on the Move... Take Your Position Now!
If you want to make BIG MONEY on these recommendations, your timing is critical.

Upward pressure is already mounting so I urge you to act quickly!

Here’s how to get my complete analysis of all three tremendous opportunities...

Introducing The Wealth Advantage...
Superior Returns with a Margin of Safety
The report I have described in this letter is yours at no cost, when you sign up for a trial subscription to my investment publication, The Wealth Advantage.

The Wealth Advantage is about helping you to realize big gains... without taking big risks. My research team and I scour the investment landscape for companies just like the ones I have described in this letter.

You might wonder if every company I recommend with this service will be a “turnaround.” The answer is no, and here’s why. These opportunities just don’t come along every day.

But you can be sure that I will monitor my watch lists and I will let you know when a company is about to break out for huge gains.

The last two turnaround stocks I told my readers about were the amusement park company Six Flags and then the online firm InfoSpace. Both of these stocks had fallen hard and were sitting on MASSIVE hidden assets.

Within months, these recommendations were up 68% and over 20%, respectively. But neither of these companies have the potential of those that are featured The 1,000% Report.

So, this is not a “turnaround” service, although you will certainly be privy to those recommendations.

The bottom line is that you will learn about companies that have massive hidden value and a wide margin of safety. Stocks that have the potential to AT LEAST double your money... if not earn you 5 to 10 times every dollar you invest.

Some months I may recommend natural resource companies... US stocks... foreign stocks... energy... emerging technology... transportation... services... you name it.

As a subscriber to The Wealth Advantage you will learn about these companies when they are just beginning their uptrend. Once Wall Street gets in and drives the price through the roof, that's when you'll take your profits off the table.

And because the stocks I recommend will have a huge upside potential, you won’t have to invest a lot to make a lot.

Just imagine turning $10,000 into $100,000 in one stock...

It can happen. And I can help you do it.

The Exclusive Privileges of The Wealth Advantage
Here’s what you receive as a member of this exclusive service:

Monthly Advisory – Each month you will receive The Wealth Advantage Monthly Advisory delivered via email. Each Advisory will give you a complete overview of one opportunity with the potential for tremendous gains and limited risk. You will learn everything you need to know about the company and the profits you could expect. Some months you may receive two recommendations in your Monthly Advisory. But you can always expect at least one. And the advisory will be written in a manner that is clear and easy to read.
Flash Alerts – Whenever I spot an opportunity that just can’t wait, you’ll be the first to know. Whether it is breaking news, an immediate buy recommendation, or a turnaround stock that is just starting to make its move, you will get a Flash Alert. The Flash Alerts will not be as in depth as the Monthly Advisory, but you will still receive a report on all the vital information you need to take action.
Weekly Report – As a subscriber to The Wealth Advantage you will also receive a regular weekly email alerting you to developments in the market, and news about the portfolio. In each Weekly Wrap-Up, you will also get my best advice on how to safely play today’s market.
Investigative Report – Approximately every quarter you will also receive an in-depth and detailed report spotlighting a particular emerging market, global trend or market sector that is ripe for profits. Not only will you learn exactly where these exclusive opportunities lie, you will learn which companies will benefit the most.
Here’s the Bottom Line...
This is a premier research service for investors who are serious about achieving 1,000% gains without incurring undue risk.

As you might guess, this kind of research can be very expensive to produce.

To give you the margin of safety that I have promised, I have to know EVERYTHING there is to know about the companies I recommend. I must determine exactly how much hidden value is there, and calculate those assets.

When it comes to investing, I believe you can NEVER have too much information about a company. That’s why I usually board a plane to visit the companies I write about.

I want to meet with the leaders of a company and talk to the marketers. I must understand the company’s products. If the company has had “problems” then I want to know the true scope... how they are being addressed... and how long they will last.

I consult with industry experts... independent third parties... patent attorneys... banking references... and I seek the counsel of my wide network of trusted advisors.

In short, I do WHATEVER it takes to get to the bottom of the story. And I can assure you, that when it is all said and done, YOU will know everything that I know about the companies I recommend to you.

Very few research and advisory services can offer you the depth of research... the frequency of contact... and the potential returns that you can expect with The Wealth Advantage.

Off hand, I can think of only three services that you could compare to this. Two of these services are priced at $5,000... the other would set you back $7,500 a year.

But the good news is you won’t pay $5,000 to subscribe to The Wealth Advantage. You won’t even pay half of that. The retail price for this elite advisory is $1,000.

But for the time being, you won’t even pay that...

As a special offer – and only through May 1st – you are invited to subscribe to The Wealth Advantage at a special introductory price of only $850.

By even the most conservative estimate, The Wealth Advantage should pay for itself many times over. If just ONE of the companies in The 1000% Report performs as well as expected, the gains from even a small investment would cover the cost of your membership.

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4/29/2006 10:10:42 PM

Alright TRO, I know you have a filter for this one already!

26 posts
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Ignore elroz
4/30/2006 12:59:23 AM

Here's the first company. . .

Microvision (MVIS)

I'll let you know when I find the rest.

6,364 posts
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4/30/2006 11:54:13 AM

"Alright TRO, I know you have a filter for this one already!"

LOL.. If I had a filter I would have posted it!!

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4/30/2006 6:07:51 PM

The second company is a REIT, and looking at stocks which fell 50% from Sep to Mar, MLS and WRP seem to fit the description. MLS was to be bought out by Vornado, but that deal may not happen. Althought I can not confirm "the record breaking earnings last year", the company is still looking to get bought out, and best fits the description given.

Another possibilty is WRP, but they have been in liquidation for a while.

My money is on MLS.

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5/1/2006 12:57:33 PM

Can't find The Wealth Advantage on Google


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