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1/3/2006 10:41:57 AM


There was absolutely NOTHING in that post that warranted a deletion !

Completely ridiculous !!!

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1/3/2006 11:24:27 AM


Your HYPOTHETICAL situation sounds all well and good !

However, I don't deal in HYPOTHETICALS !

I deal in PRICE ACTION !



I deal in MOMENTUM !

I deal in DIVERGENCE !

I deal in VOLUME !

Do you honestly think that YOU (or I...or Joe Schmoe) is smart enough to decipher all the fine print...all the 10K "BULLPOOPIE" ? Because that's what it is you know ! It's all "BULLPOOPIE" ! You are making a mistake when you try to make an intellectual distinction between a so called "junk bomb" stock and one that is NOT a "junk bomb" stock !


All stocks (at least to me) are TRADING VEHICLES...nothing more !!!

Once you come to this conclusion and develop this then becomes a whole lot less complicated. Trading becomes a whole lot less complicated. You can focus on what is REALLY important to a TRADER !

And it sure ain't FUNNY-MENTALS !



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1/3/2006 12:47:00 PM

Just trade the way you want.
There is no need to be able to decipher all the details of an SEC filing.
Like I said before, the most important fundamentals are the earnings. Watch for projections not past performance.
No I don't dig that they are all junkbombs.
If you don't appreciate the value of fundamentals then that is fine. I'm not here to persuade anyone of anything. I just offer my perspective and you are free to wholly reject it if you wish.

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1/3/2006 2:22:55 PM

..."just trade the way you want"...

Uhhh...I think I will !!!


* United Airlines

* Enron

* WorldCom

* XO Communications

* Adelphia

* Bethlehem Steel

* Texaco


* Exodus

* Comdisco

* Sunbeam

* LEAP Wireless

* Mirant

* NRG Energy

* Delphi

* Delta Airlines

* ATA Airlines

* Winn-Dixie

* Lucent

* Kmart

* Calpine

* FAO Schwartz

* Boston Market

* Conseco

* Tyco


* Global Crossing

* General Motors

* Covad

* Webvan

* Polaroid


Just a little stroll down "Junk Bomb Memory Lane" !



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1/3/2006 4:52:32 PM

alf, You're not making any sense.

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1/3/2006 5:31:14 PM


Your point is well taken. However, my point was not to discredit the importance of fundamental analysis as you might have initially thought. What I had in mind was that a fundamentally sound company will ALWAYS be closely monitored by the smart money, who are most likely fundamentally-inclined anyway. As such, when the stock does either move up or down in any meaningful way, I could only speculate that this is the influence of big-money in action. Well, wouldn't ya know it, I derived this info not from gleaning at the income statement but from the chart. Sure I coulda chopped & diced the earnings statement in the hope of finding some rare gem, but I figured that if I had the brain to land myself on a pile of gold I'm sure those Big Money, plush with cash, would have gotten there before me. In other word, I don't have the clout to move the market, so why must I compete with them when I could just as well ride on their coattails?

For that reason, when a company releases its earnings and gives guidance, I let the fundies sift through the info. When everything is absorbed and regurgitated, I wait for the stock to either move up or down & look for a low-risk entry point (for a very good reason I figure).


Ahem, just for the sake of clarification, I'm a swing-trader by definition but a day-trader by choice. Most of the insights addressed by EWZuber are pertinent to a position traders, but are rather limited in scope for a myopic trader like myself with very limited time horizon. Nonetheless, he does bring valid points for traders who has the strength to stomach losses , albeit initially, in fundamentally sound companies.

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1/3/2006 6:19:37 PM

au contraire, EW...

...I can assure you that I'm making perfect sense !

You seem to be confusing an inability (or, unwillingness) to UNDERSTAND...with an erroneous assumption that I'm not "MAKING ANY SENSE" !

And speaking of "not making any sense"...good luck trying to decipher all that "projected earnings mumbo-jumbo" !

I'm thinking that my list of "junk bomb memory lane" stocks had plenty of that kind of projected earnings "BULLPOOPIE" (apparently BULLPOOPIE is acceptable to the SF censors) all the way to...what for many of them was the garbage heap !

Kurt Korkorian sold 12 Million shares of GM at the end of 2005 when he finally had to say UNCLE ! Earlier in the year he spent about $1.7 Billion to build a stake of almost 10% in GM. He lost around $110 Million on that "trade". Now this is a guy who has the benefit of inside information about GM...who has a team of very very bright people pouring over GM documents night and day...who has every resource imaginable to evaluate the Fundamentals of GM.

Yet...he STILL LOST $110 MILLION on GM !!!

Kinda makes you wonder why lil guys seem to think that THEY can somehow make sense of "projected earnings estimates"...10Ks...and Analyst's Recommendations doesn't it ? And even IF you WERE smart enough to understand it all (which I doubt)...there is the even LARGER problem of actually being able to BELIEVE what is being said or written !



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1/3/2006 6:36:39 PM


* HealthSouth

* McLeod

* Williams Communications

* Krispy Kreme

* Ahold

* Tenet Healthcare

...and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and.........


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1/3/2006 8:01:44 PM

...FWIW, Kerkorian is down a total of around $600 Million on GM...

...that's counting the aforementioned $100 Million loss taken from the 12 Million share "partial sale" of his entire GM stake at the end of 2005 !

Gives new meaning to the saying..."It's not a LOSS till you Sell" ! LOL


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1/4/2006 8:45:31 AM

I think you missed my point.

I am a technical trader.

Using fundamentals in addition to technicals does not put me at a disadvantage at all.

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