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12/2/2005 9:40:09 PM

For anyone who chooses to L@@K. With last week being so disruptive and all, I decided to show you the daily RESULTS of my NEW filters, rather than the controversial filters themselves. Once all of you see the MAGIC I see, I then will post them in the "filter exchange" forum. The reason for this, is I don't want to get into the regular B.S. we all saw last week.

I'm going to release 3 or 5 plays per filter(3 filters) everyday and then trade them. Showing intraday entry points and exit points. They ALL will be documented on a contest heading @ for quick and up to date reference.

I don't and WONT get into dialog with ANYONE! That's not the purpose of this thread. I would like to keep this thread free of NEGATIVE GARBAGE, or ANY dialog if you don't mind. In order to do that, I myself must play by the same rules. So Q & A sessions will have to wait till the filters are posted in the other room(filter exchange). I thank all of you in advance for your respect and cooperation.

Again, the stocks you will be seeing, the slope of the DMA has been improved and modified. So you can count on these stocks to go up EVERYTIME. To me, that's what we have all been searching for all along.

# 1.DMA 5% FILTER RESULTS for Monday 12/5/05:

(AFFX)Affymetrix inc. @ $45.70
(SNHY)Sun Hydraulics corp. @ $17.18
(USPI)United Surgical Partners @ $34.26
(CHRD)Chordiant Software inc. @ $2.65
(SVA)Sinovac Biotech LTD. @ $5.44
(JOSB)Jos. A. Bank Clothiers inc. @ $42.88

# 2. DNA 1 or 2 DAY RUN filter results for Monday 12/5/05

(CDNA)Cadence Resources corp. @ $3.75
(TRE)Tan Range Exploration @ $3.34
(ONCY)Oncolytics Biotech inc. @ $4.41
(IDIX)Idenix Phram. @ $20.39

# 3. DMA SHORTING filter results for Monday 12/5/05

(LOGI)Logitech International @ $48.48
(SCSS)Select Comfort corp. @ $25.63
(ESE)Esco Technologies inc. @ $44.89
(RVSN)RADvision Ltd. @ $17.82
(LFUS)Littelfuse inc. @ $27.12

Now as TRO always states, "It's not the filter,It's how you trade it." Much of that is very true, so many of the daily's WONT go on the trading block, but when they do, watch my trading style. I think you might have a new found respect for THE MIGHTY RIGGS! Again, every trade entry will have an contest heading, and just like the market, it's not easy getting fills there.


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12/2/2005 11:21:43 PM

great, i will follow along riggs. i printed the list and will review the results later. i am currently running without an ounce of time to spare due to a new baby boy, but i am interested in testing your filter 3 13 crossover you profiled on the filter exchange.

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12/3/2005 2:07:22 AM

Adding one more to the # 1.DMA 5% filter:

(LVLT)Level 3 Communications inc. @ $3.22

I bet you're all wondering how I got all these DMA'S to point to the moon huh? All in due time....


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12/3/2005 4:11:51 AM

Here's another one I'll be trading at the open on Monday from the # 1. DMA 5% filter...

(PPDI)Pharm.Prod DEV @ $58.75

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12/3/2005 6:54:32 AM

Look firward seeing the results!!

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12/5/2005 12:14:57 AM

What is the contest name on investopia? That is how do I find the contest?

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12/5/2005 1:43:48 AM

Riggs .. for your 5% DMA slope ... ran your filter but didn't see CHRD nor LVLT listed .. trying to determine why you would play some but not others .. and also for your 1 to 2 day run .. didn't see CDNA .. TRE or ONCY .. hmmmm .. used your recent filter from your last post .. could you post the filter you are running currently that gave you the picks that are missing from my filter.

BTW .. have looked at your filter and have been paper trading and it looks very promising

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