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9/30/2005 8:20:33 PM

Hey alf,

Is that your real name? Anyhoo, maybe you should look at the other recent threads moron! Look, why don't you just shut up and let's drop this thread b/c the way you speak over the airwaves leads me to believe you ARE Alf from that T.V. show in the 80's. All fluff and nothing else! Let it go you child!


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9/30/2005 9:14:13 PM

Yep ! You got me, Bozo !

I'm actually "Alf" from the TV series !

Jeeez !!!

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9/30/2005 9:28:09 PM

Maybe something like? Hopefully will help you get a start on a good filter.

Fetcher[set{w, close 6 week high 1 day ago}
set{x, days(close reached new close 6 week high 1 day ago,30)}
set{y, count(close reached new close 6 week high 1 day ago,30)}
show stocks where close reached new close 6 week high
and x above 5 /*change this for longer cup*/
and y equals 2 /*you only want two tops so...*/
and avgvol(90) is above 50000
and close above 2
and not otcbb
add column w
add column x
add column y

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9/30/2005 10:03:36 PM


Can I just say that I regret that "riggs" has/is attempted/attempting to turn your honest request for help into a personal effort to conveniently attack another poster because of some past differences/altercations from other threads. Apparently, he is so insecure he has even decided to attack me for merely speaking up on "jake's" behalf.

So...let's ignore riggs for the time being ! He has brought absolutely nothing but distractions to this thread and to YOUR original request for help.

As for "Cup w/handle" formations...they are sort of like the politician once said about pornography..."I don't know WHAT pornography is...but, I know it when I see it !"

Well...I think the same holds true (in a manner of with Cup w/handles...and almost any type of pattern on a chart(but especially "C w/h"). They're fairly hard to spot on a chart...and even harder to describe...and even harder still to describe and capture within the syntax of a technical stock scan. Just to be able to SEE and acurately determine that what you ARE in fact seeing IS a "C w/h" takes ALOT of experience.

A TRUE cup w/handle (and "Saucer" for that matter) is a "Basing" pattern that may take many weeks to form and play out. It just becomes a very hard thing to describe perfectly. At least to describe within the context of a stock scan. I certainly don't know how to do it or I would have already offered up some ideas. Perhaps, there are some posters in our midst that DO know and HAVE created such scans. If so...I hope they speak up. For your sake...and for mine and others.

Good Luck, dkatz !


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9/30/2005 10:22:04 PM

...perhaps someone like say...

...ah hem..."Railwhore" for example !


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10/1/2005 2:48:22 AM

Alf -- thanks for the insight and kind sentiments. Railwhore -- thanks very much for the filter! Definitely the right direction and I'm most appreciative. As for you Riggs, emotion and trading don't mix ... nor do morons and trading for that matter ... your failure seems assured unless you change your attitude. Nevertheless, good luck to you.

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10/1/2005 4:25:17 AM

This message has been removed by StockFetcher.

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10/1/2005 8:39:02 PM


Gawd...I love that "handle" ! lol

That really was a pretty good "C w/h" scan.

That pattern is a hard one to pin down in my opinion. It's one of those that seems sooo obvious looking back (in the rear view mirror)...but verrry dificult to discern in real time !

Of course, we all know that William O'Neil swears by them !

Hell, Daniel Zanger claims to have made over 40 Million dollars with them (and flags, pennants, triangles etc...) !

But, they're difficult to REAL TIME !

At least for me !



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