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12/30/2004 7:33:46 PM

does anybody on this board use trend software
I use wizetrade and have been working on filters suited to trends
I would post my scan list if their is enuf ppl using trend software?

Let me know would like to see how it performs with other software


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12/30/2004 8:04:10 PM

how do you like wizetrade?

i was "THIS CLOSE" to getting it, but a quick google search returned VERY bad reviews.

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12/30/2004 8:12:24 PM

It looks like you pay $30/mo and get some black box results. It does not seem to be compatible with Stockfetcher where everything is in the open. My Google search came up with this critique (although I also think that this turtletrading site is a ripoff).

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12/30/2004 9:39:53 PM

A year ago or so I did some analysis of Wizetrade algo. It is really a quite simple formula.

Here is the a simple way to get a Green short term and Mid Term light. Repeat same logic with monthly data if you want the long term green and achieve "The three wize me"


max(close,open) 1 day ago below max(close,open) 2 days ago
and min(close,open) 1 day ago above min(close,open) 2 days ago
and min(open,close) above high 1 day ago
and day range 1 day ago is below day range for 4 days 2 day ago
and price above 1
and volume above 100000


If you want the see the "exact" same graph as you would get for Wize trade here is the filter that will give those:


/* Short Term */
set {sg1, close + close}
set {sg2, sg1 + close 1 day ago}
set {sg3, sg2 divided by 3}
set {sr1, open + open}
set {sr2, sr1 + open 1 day ago}
set {sr3, sr2 divided by 3}
set {sw, sg3 - sr3}

/* Mid Term */
set {mg1, weekly close + weekly close}
set {mg2, mg1 + weekly close 1 week ago}
set {mg3, mg2 divided by 3}
set {mr1, weekly close 1 week ago + weekly close 1 week ago}
set {mr2, mr1 + weekly close 2 weeks ago}
set {mr3, mr2 divided by 3}
set {mw, mg3 - mr3}

/* Long Term */
/* Note this is not 100% correct */
set {lg1, weekly close 1 month ago + weekly close 1 month ago}
set {lg2, lg1 + weekly close 2 months ago}
set {lg3, lg2 divided by 3}
set {lr1, weekly open 1 month ago + weekly open 1 month ago}
set {lr2, lr1 + weekly open 2 months ago}
set {lr3, lr2 divided by 3}
set {lw, lg3 - lr3}

AND sg3 crossed above sr3
AND the 2 day slope of sg3 is above 0

AND the 2 day slope of sr3 is above 0
AND mg3 above mr3
AND price between 1 and 10
AND volume(90) above 100000

AND chart-length is 20 days
AND add column lw
AND add column mw
AND add column sw descending


I also implement a System test with this formula in Metatstock and did analysis for the last 10 years of data. Sell signal was "Three Wize Men" and slope of line increasing between 2:00 and 3:00.

Sell signal was Mid term or Short term light turns red or 3% loss.

The system test did not really do all that well. The good thing is it got thinking about multi-time frame analysis which has significantly improve my real world trading performance.

My opinion is this. If the system is working for you than stick with it. For me I would not spend the money on it when I can get the same thing and more from a great site like Stockfetcher and Metastock which are significantly less $$$ and teach you to fish for yourself.

One more thing, here is an example of my first whack at charting the Wizetrade charts: These graphs are very close to the same charts you would get on Wizetrade. If you really like Wizetrade and you are a "WizeFinder" user I have an application I wrote for a friend that does the exact same thing except you don't have to pay $100.00 (or whatever it cost) a month to use it. I might be interested in licenseing it for you own personal use if you are interested.

If you search this forum I remember posting some more information about all this but I really don't remember exactly what it was.

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12/30/2004 9:56:50 PM

slight error in the previous post. This filter should replace the first one above for Simple filter:


close above open for 2 days
and weekly close above weekly open for 2 weeks
and weekly close 2 weeks ago above weekly open 2 weeks ago for 2 weeks
and price above 1
and volume above 1000000


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12/31/2004 11:59:44 AM

I dont use wizefinder wasnt doing the trick for me :)
I probably wouldnt trade without wizetrade
But I probably dont have to tell you the problem of matching up multi time frames
as if you look at your (coms) chart you will see what I mean.
So i started to try to make filters with underlying signals that
develope into trends short term or otherwise
This board has been a big help and some of the information ppl posted here
helped alot.
( I like to swing trade and try to base my filters on that.)

here is the scan for the 30th dec

Yakc was my big one for the 29th :)

these are not trade reccomendations for informational purposes
but comments welcome.

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12/31/2004 1:23:23 PM

FYI, you can substitute COMS with any other symbol and get it's chart also...

So if this is coms

then this is Atmel Corporation

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12/31/2004 4:43:16 PM


mkir I pulled up while back seems to be the same as my charts (3 trends)

mosy I pulled up to but is different(in trend but diff colors)
will have to digest it abit
and i noticed this in several others

maybe what I see is a truer representation of price action to your charts
in refrence to short mid long

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1/1/2005 12:19:50 AM

(MOSY) is a good example where I see a a difference between my chart and the Wizetrade chart. The error seems to happen when there are days where open and close are equal.

I compared my charts to Wizetrades (last year) and it seemed to me at the time that the way I am graphing is more accurate than the way Wizetrade does it.

I think that when the Open and Close are equal than wizetrade simply discards those values. I say this because Wizetrade just seem to continue whatever trend it had when that happened.

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