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11/20/2004 7:41:37 AM

Can I get help with this filter? I'm trying to pick up the trending slope of the stock price, negative trend. I want to over look any small upturns in the trend. When I place a negative number to define the slope it doesn't pick up any hits.

Fetcher[slope of stock price is less than -1 over the last 10 days]

Am I wording this wrong?
Or is there other alternatives?
All help appreciated,

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11/20/2004 12:10:42 PM

I am not sure this answers your question, as it doesn't use "slope"... but it may help:
Fetcher[price has been decreasing for 10 days]

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11/20/2004 12:34:42 PM

Thanks xplorer,
Correct me if I'm wrong. I think the filter to pick up the stock pricing decrese over 10 days would eliminate the stock if the price did have a small positive day, 6 days ago.
I was hoping that by using Slope, SF would over look a small jump.
Trying to see is if this is possible.

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11/20/2004 12:36:40 PM

Maybe the slope command will only wrong in a Positive up slope.
I'm not sure if I'm using the correct syntax.


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11/20/2004 12:47:16 PM

I am not sure why the -1 doesn't give any results ... if you back it off a bit (to -.5) it does return results...

Fetcher[10 day slope of the close is below -.5]

...or maybe (though I haven't tried this)
Fetcher[linear regression(10) slope is below -1]

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11/20/2004 4:52:12 PM

Thanks again,
I'm not sure but I think I now understand a little more about the slope command.
and why -1 doesn,t seem to work.
10 day slope = the time period being used.
slope is below -1. I think the -1 would equate to a drop in the stock price over the time period is equivilent to $1.00 per day. I'm not sure about this but it would answer alot of questions and is certainly the understanding I'm looking for concerning the slope filter. Can anyone let me know if my thinking is correct?

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11/21/2004 8:33:03 AM

a 0 slope will give you a horz line , aslope of +1 a 45 degree angle

using your example and shortening the time period you will get steeper negative slopes
Fetcher[5 day slope of the close is below -.5 and add column 5 day slope of close]

it is just that a stock going down for 10 days at a -1 slope are rare,usually!!

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11/21/2004 9:04:34 AM

Thankyou very much,
This gives me an understanding of just what I'm looking for when using the slope.
Not just plugging in numbers.
Thanks again


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11/23/2004 6:55:02 PM

I will share a "secret" of mine.

Add this to any filter

/* Trend = 1 if up, = 0 if down */

set{Trend, count(60 day slope of the close above 0,1)}

add column Trend


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11/23/2004 10:15:18 PM

Hello RumpledOne
Thanks for the info.
I have come across the logic filter and am impressed.
I feel it can be a impressive tool in a variety of ways.
I have been playing with it but keep coming up with Syntax problems.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong in writing of this.
Can multiplication and division be do within the system?

This is just an example. It would be interesting to add something like this to any filter.
set{A,abs(5 day slope Stochastic(15,3)%K)}
set{C,abs(Historical Volatility(20,7))}
add column Ratio

All help appreciated.

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