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10/21/2004 8:34:28 PM

"FILTER EXCHANGE" ....this forum is a great place to share filters,....I'd like to get this forum back on track with exchanging or refining a filter. It is always great to see what can be done when we all tweek a filter to get some awesome results.

The way I figure it, when you have a great filter ...share it ... and if more of us start looking at the same results (stocks) addition to the existing interest... it will further promote what we are looking for... added buying pressure ... a self fulfilling prophecy... except we will be one step ahead of the crowd.

So take a look at my filter, and please add another twist ... or refine it... or tweek it... or just a comment.... all input is welcome ...and appreciated.

And with that ... here is my filter I call...


Fetcher[set{2weekrange,2 weekly high - high}
set{rangeratio, 2weekrange / high}
and Slow Stochastic(5,3) Fast %K is below 20
and linear regression(21) slope is above 0
and rsi(2) is below 20
and rangeratio is between .05 and .35
and price is above 2
and volume is above 100000
and add column sector description
and sort column 6 descending
and draw linear regression(21) slope

enjoy ! ... and PROSPER !!!

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10/22/2004 3:47:40 PM

The idea of cooperating in improving a filter is great. However, I think that the rationale behind the filter should be stated.

Also, for some time now, I've been lurking and backtesting (using the 3 months ago feature) a lot of the filters appearing on this website. While most work and some are better than others in an up-market, none work very well in a down market lasting several days.

There should be a way of programming a filter that combines the condition of, say the nasdaq composite, with the stock screens.

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10/22/2004 7:49:09 PM

Good point Corsino ! ... and thanks for your perspective.

It has often been talked about having a way to incorporate the market sentiment into our screens ... there is no straight forward way of doing that here... though there has been a few "work arounds" presented. Like putting the QQQ or DJI into a watch list (I haven't tried this) ..... then when a simple test of this is positive(slope, stochastics or whatever), then you look at your screens ... else forget it.

"The PROPHECY" ... I developed this screen to isolate the stocks that have a positive slope(21 days), upward trending, but has seen some recent profit taking... an anticipated trend of all stocks... a little pull back( a few days), This is usually a temporary swing ... and often repeating, bouncing between the upper and lower linear regression bands (or bollinger bands) numerous times. The stochastics confirms that the pullback is at or near the bottom, and the RSI(2) also confirms this "bottom". The price being above 2 is purely a personal preference... but volume needs to make this easily traded.... so above 100,000 The addition of the sectors gives an interesting perspective, as StockFetcher sorts these, not alphabetically ... but by the "hottest" sectors.... though I have not read anywhere on StockFetcher that confirms this.

I have also seen many screens that have back-tested with great results ... but often not easily traded.... No matter what screen you use, you must always use your good ole intuition....and/or interpretation. I have yet seen a screen that will always give pure winners. Yesterdays results from "The PROPHECY", gave maybe 10 stocks... but only one I liked ... it was ROCK (a steel company).... it was displaying doji's ( a balance of buying and selling) ,,, often where the trend ends and reverses. I also have to add , that I am a trader ... I look for gains that will be available within 5 - 12 days... so backtesting for 30 days will give erroneous results... also the stock that this returns all have different "sine waves", if you will , and each will back test at a different rate... know what I mean ?

Fare Well and Prophet

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10/23/2004 12:45:07 AM

Actually, by doing the backtest, you can also see the performance at various time periods after that, and compare it with the DJI performance.

Adding the Sector column to the screen results helps quite a bit,since not all sectors move in sync. For some sectors, I can go to another website, like ASK Research, and look at the status of some indexes. Unfortunately, only a few of the indexes, like the oil, gold, semiconductor, and biotech , are included there. It is entirely possible that although the general market may be in a downtrend, a specific sector may be doing well, and its stocks could be traded profitably.

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10/23/2004 1:14:41 AM

Another advantage of including the sector description is that if, for example, I run a scan for stocks whose smoothed rsi crossed above 30 and five out of seven stocks are healthcare, then that sector is probably tradeable.

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10/23/2004 1:45:51 AM

Although I agree with the general concept of finding stocks trending upward then pull back to continue up, the problem that I see with “the Prophecy” is that the pull back has been going on for too long which may indicate a new trend rather than a pullback. For example, ROCK is 9 days from today, FAF is about 6 days (but looking mighty fine today). I would think those with a more dramatic 3-5 day pull before continuing up again would be more apt to rebound sharper with more movement in the beginning.

Being new at this, I came up with this simple filter:
Fetcher[show stocks where closing price 3 days ago is greater than 10% more than the closing price 10 days ago
and the closing price is greater than 5% less than the closing price 3 days ago
and the closing price is greater than 2
and avg volume(10) is greater than 400000

Notice that the jumps are more dramatic. I have played around with the “X days ago” adding more days, and have noticed the picks have similar characteristics. We know that volume moves stocks, so I think that your limit of 100,000 shares is not enough.

I would like to have more knowledge base on technicals to help identify safer entries. Stocks that are picked up by this filter tend to be more volatile, which lately has been successful. Any tweaks would be appreciated


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10/23/2004 10:03:39 PM

I see ROCK is still within the trend lines, and alot of potential ...
its all in perspective... the upward trend started back in March of 03.
If you focus in on the short term set of trend lines, that started
early in August, then it broke below the trend .... though I like
the bigger trend.... and I'm in ! I will keep an eye on FAF... but I'm
leary of a fast and deep pullback... but thats JMHO !

The problem with using the "and offset (XX) days", to backtest. is that it always
ends on the day you run it ... so if the market going balistic on the day you run it,
chances are that your back-testing will also be balistic... the same filter will
back-test lousy on days when the market is down.

I came across this line, that incorpporates the NASDAQ into a filter... valuable ?

Fast Stochastic Slow %D crossed above
ind(^IXIC,Fast Stochastic Slow %D)
within the last 1 days

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10/24/2004 12:03:52 PM

I've never heard of "rangeratio" and couldn't find it in my sf manual.
SO i copied part of filter
"rangeratio is between .05 and .35 "
and got Filter Syntax error.

How do I find out about range ratio?

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10/24/2004 12:35:03 PM


... it is a variable I defined..

set{2weekrange,2 weekly high - high}
set{rangeratio, 2weekrange / high}

rangeratio is between .05 and .35

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10/24/2004 12:43:02 PM

... I use my "ragratio" to focus on stocks that have some volatility ... but also limit the extremely volatile that I find to be unpredictable...

Run "the Prophecy"... then remove the "rangeratio" ...and re-run it... you'll see what I mean....

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