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1/16/2004 3:02:09 AM


I would like to urge some of the other "Fetchers" here to experiment with this unbelievable "Momentum Oscillator"...and provide FEEDBACK to the rest of us ! I've been "playing TRIX" with success...but would love to hear others thoughts...musings...reservations...etc... !!! This thing brings NEW meaning (or more accurately..."meaning") to the term "Leading Indicator" !!!

It's Very Powerful IMO !!!

If you've not played around with it...DO SO...NOW !!! Particularly, with..."TRIX crosses of MA's of TRIX" !

Also, the CMA feature that SF has now added is also very cool !

I had URGENTLY requested some time ago (to SF) the ability to scan for Moving Averages of OTHER indicators (ie...MA's of RSI...MA's of Linear Regression Slope...MA's of TRIX...etc...etc... !!!

Voila !!! We got'em !!! I hope others here are making use of them !

StockFetcher is an unbelievable asset to my analysis !

Meanwhile...TRIX is DEFINITELY NOT for kids !!!

I'll eagerly await any input other Fetchers would like to provide with repect know...TRIX !!!


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1/16/2004 10:19:33 AM

Trix is a trend oscillator if i am not mistaken and have been using it for awhile
with good success

Trend is your friend :)

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1/16/2004 11:11:42 AM

Actually, to be precise about it...TRIX is a Triple Exponentially Smoothed Moving Average of a 1 day Rate of Change (ROC) of Price !

That makes it a "Momentum" Indicator ! fwiw

Due to the Triple has an ability to filter out "noise" that is of a shorter duration than the timeframe that you define.

And, when you combine TRIX with a shorter MA of TRIX...the crossovers are pretty darn timely.

It's very sensitive...yet the whipsaws are largely eliminated ! IMO


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1/16/2004 1:03:42 PM

What sort of numbers do you use for MA xover?

Thanks in advance


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1/23/2004 7:04:09 PM


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1/25/2004 3:30:21 PM


TRIX was recently mentioned in "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine", January 2004 edition. To review the article go here; and click search, enter TRIX. I use TRIX (5)(3), and most times it beats Stochastics to the punch.


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1/25/2004 9:32:39 PM


Appreciate the info!


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1/25/2004 10:43:58 PM

TRIX Indicator
Decide on the number of periods (n) to include in the indicator window. This should be based on the time frame that you are trading.

EMA1: Calculate an n-period exponential moving average of closing price

EMA2: Calculate an n-period exponential moving average of EMA1

EMA3: Calculate an n-period exponential moving average of EMA2

Calculate TRIX: ( EMA3 [today] - EMA3 [yesterday] ) / EMA3 [yesterday]

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2/3/2004 1:41:04 PM

Are you looking for the 5 to cross the 3 or vice versa ?

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2/9/2004 2:29:00 PM


If you look at TRIX on...say Prophet'll find 2 TRIX indicators !

There is "TRIX"...and there is "2 line TRIX" !

*** The TRIX indicator is calculated as Skeksis described in his above post, with ONE exception. It is actually the % Rate of Change (ROC) of a Triple Smoothed EMA of Price. In other words, if you took the calculation that Skeksis posted...and then applied a 1 period % change TO THAT Triple Smoothed EMA would have TRIX ! This is not made entirely clear in the S&C article to which txtrapper refers. It IS however the way both Martin Pring ("Momentum Explained") and Steve Achelis ("TA from A to Z") explain the TRIX indicator.

Now...for "2 line TRIX"...this just simply applies a signal line to the above TRIX calculation and includes both TRIX and the signal line in the indicator ! Much like a MACD. In the S&C article (and on Prophet Charts etc...) the TRIX period is 5 and the "signal line" that is used is a 3 period EMA of TRIX(5) !

To answer roca's question...BUY when TRIX(5) crosses ABOVE the 3 period signal line.

Obviously, if you want to use just the TRIX indicator (as opposed to 2 line TRIX) in different time can do that. You can also apply your own "signal line" to whatever time frame TRIX you decide to use.

For example, in "TA from A to Z" Achelis suggests using a 12 period TRIX with a 9 period EMA of that TRIX as your signal line ! Again you would want to be LONG with TRIX crosses ABOVE the signal line and SHORT (or FLAT) with TRIX crosses BELOW the signal line.

And with that I'm all outta TRIX !


alf44 :8^)

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