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2/1/2004 1:37:48 AM

Here's a little info. on trade settling periods..

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2/1/2004 8:13:43 AM

That articled appeared to be discussing from the investors' perspective, NOT from the broker, as I believe was discussed in the previous posts...I think the broker would fall off the chair laughing if we asked to buy equity (or anything) and said "I'll pay in 3-5 days"...they want their money like yesterday...only OUR money gets taken right away!!!
~the hut~

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2/2/2004 3:17:27 AM

Hello Hut,
I certainly understand where you are coming from. I didn't check any of the links that were on that page, but I considered it a bare - bones start on the history of why the settlement periods ring true, which is why is stated a "little" info... I myself cannot explain the reasoning for the settlement periods, especially these days where most transactions are electronic and theoretically instantaneous. While the settlement periods don't really affect my trading in particular, I would be interested in knowing more about it myself. If I or anyone else comes across more pertinent information on the subject, I hope it will be shared with all the others who may be curious.

~a fellow Star Wars fan ;]

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9/19/2005 12:37:58 PM

wow, it is fierce competition out there for brokers.

Go here:

and then enter "broker" in the seach box. Check out the ones in the "Ads by Google" section. So far I like Ameritrades offer best.

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