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10/5/2003 4:06:27 PM

what i mean by positive divergences is using the rsi(2) when it has bottomed out and reversed up- usually on these stocks <0.50 you can make a fortune when this occurs- the rsi(2) is the worlds best indicator over any time frame especially the daily time frame. lets take neom for example it ran down from 0.26 to 0.096 over a weel with massive bottom mm buying last week when it was at 0.14 going down its rsi(2) was at 4% now that it has reversed up and closed at 0.14 again its rsi(2) is now 74% or a plus 70% which is gigantic and the bigger this pos divergence the bigger the move up and it works 98% of the time on any stock or index(this is why i am the worlds best qqq option player- i have over a 300 win streak in a row playing the qqq calls and puts -average gain is >300%) also when the nasdaq 100 reached 800 and reversed it had a pos divergence of 27% shortly after it went to 960 and is still going up. other penny stocks showing positive diverges are exbt 44% at 0.45 ythk 60% at 0.195 gtel 65% at 0.031 aac at 0.48 52% kfl at 0.18 is 64%. Usaully with pos div >50% on stocks less thasn 0.50 you see a gain of 50-300% <2 weeks. anyway does anyone know how to contruct a filter that would pick up these positive diverges on anything--if you can figure this out you will be rich$$$$$$ also kfl gtel neom exbt ythk all have big insider buying at their dead bottom in the last 3 mionths

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10/5/2003 4:53:23 PM

If I follow you, and that is a big if, you want something like this:

Price has increased/decreased by less/more than X percent over y period of time
RSI(2) has increased/decreased by less/more than zX percent over y period of time
z being any multiple you care to input. I guess 2 to 3 times would be dramatic enough

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10/5/2003 6:53:58 PM

What differgence?
In NEOM you have a high of .439 with the RSI(2)peaking at about the same place.

At the bottom of .096 the RSI(2) also bottomed at about the same place.

I don't understand what divergance you are referring to?
Are you just referring to the fact that RSI(2) has set a bottom 1 day ago and now is moving up?

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