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9/25/2003 9:37:02 PM

He's got a point Avery!


It doesn't really work in a down market!


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9/25/2003 10:10:40 PM

Something really wrong with this filter: backtested one day......results

11 red and two green......throw away filter!

Fetcher[rsi(2) below 1 and close above 0.01 and Average Volume(90) is above 100000 and volume above 100000 and 60 day slope of the close is above 0 and close near Bottom linear Regression Line(60)]

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9/25/2003 10:20:04 PM

This is way too funny!

You guys are either just messing with me or are really not getting it!

Symbol Last %Chg Vol RSI(2) OPEN LOW HIGH Average
Volume(10) Performance Chart
BUCA - BUCA, Inc. 5.26 -3.84 151500 0.71 5.46 5.25 5.50 275120 +0.57% 3m , 6m , 1y
EXTR - Extreme Networks, Inc. 6.59 -7.83 6706300 0.66 7.26 6.50 7.34 3883750 -3.19% 3m , 6m , 1y
CBR - CIBER INC 8.39 -2.44 230000 0.22 8.60 8.38 8.60 482100 -5.72% 3m , 6m , 1y
POSS - Possis Medical, Inc. 15.89 -3.11 278900 0.51 16.50 15.78 16.50 220140 +0.76% 3m , 6m , 1y
EPIX - EPIX Medical, Inc. 15.92 -5.80 282000 0.13 16.86 15.87 17.24 310930 -5.15% 3m , 6m , 1y
EDO - EDO CORP 20.55 -1.86 108900 0.88 20.94 20.50 21.17 165380 -3.94% 3m , 6m , 1y
ZRAN - Zoran Corporation 20.78 -9.73 9166700 0.43 23.80 20.39 23.85 1764020 -2.07% 3m , 6m , 1y
ATRX - Atrix Laboratories,... 22.74 -3.28 276500 0.84 23.37 22.61 23.74 403380 -3.91% 3m , 6m , 1y
DLP - DELTA & PINELAND CO 23.22 -1.07 158500 0.31 23.37 23.19 23.55 153210 -2.20% 3m , 6m , 1y
ODSY - Odyssey Healthcare,... 30.09 -5.02 820700 0.20 31.30 29.75 33.57 550280 -5.08% 3m , 6m , 1y
CSC - COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP 37.65 -2.26 1498900 0.02 38.60 37.58 38.70 1681310 -0.80% 3m , 6m , 1y
MRBK - Mercantile Bankshar... 39.76 -0.62 256400 0.93 40.01 39.75 40.16 337850 -0.28% 3m , 6m , 1y
GD - GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP 77.47 -2.79 1827100 0.72 79.69 77.25 80.05 1313690 -1.79% 3m , 6m , 1y

Backtest 1 day... yes only two green at END OF DAY BUT...

Look at the OPEN to the HIGH... All stocks had a profit potential meaning if you bought at the open you could have sold for a profit. But to do that, you would have to TRADE! And of course, you would have to be trading with size, not just 100 shares.

You guys crack me up...

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9/25/2003 10:27:09 PM

I think I'm getting it, now were looking for red? I wish Muddy would chime in right now!


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9/25/2003 10:28:51 PM

I haven't posted much over the past few months because I have followed Avery's teachings and have learned TOO MUCH! Let's just say I've had my share of wins lately, he told me not to read the boards, and for a good reason! It has become much of a distraction, I'm going to say it once because you've heard it dozens of times from him; I figured if you heard someone else say it (someone you may remember as an active member on the boards not too long ago) it would hit home. YOU TRADE THE STOCKS! Stop hitting the button and typing in 1 day and seeing how much you would have made! TRADE THE STOCKS!

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9/25/2003 11:59:19 PM

I ran this filter this morning.

rsi(2) below 2 and close above 0.01 and Average Volume(10) is above 100,000 and 60 day slope of the close is above 0 and price is between 1 and 15.

I don't really care who made the filter or what it is called. Either way it's no big deal. I ran the results through an hourly chart a couple hours into the session.
Most of them were in the green.
I can't use this filter much at all because I don't have the magical $25K in my trading account to satisfy NASD Rule 2520 concerning daytrading.
I don't use Linear regression for trading signals as I am not comfortable with it and have no need to replace my own system of trading.
So more than anything it was an interesting curiosity.
All this fuss about having the ultimate filter is a waste of time. It is so much more important to have an effective trading system and the ability to see every turn in the markets and in your stock.
Avery, if you have too much time on your hands you could see on Raging Bull threads that the system I've evolved enables one to call just about every move the markets make on any timing of any chart and I'm willing to share all of it if anyone has a need for a system like that.
I understand your exuberance for the market and excitement in figuring out parts of it.
But if you are not going to share your theories and post the moves before they happen then I don't see much point in bringing it up on the board except to blow ones own horn.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want or need your system.
Sold MNG this morning at $1.96 as it broke steep trendline support.
I've been calling moves on RB thread for years.
It helped me out cause if I was wrong it was right out there and there was plenty of others to let me know I was wrong. Eventually it helped out others that wanted to learn TA when the system became consistently accurate.
But it was done in the spirit of co-operation.
Why can't everyone just help eachother out here?
Some here have knowlege in certain areas that I'm sure is different than what others possess.
I am willing to share everything I have.
It won't hurt me if everyone here knows everything that I know.
Maybe in turn, I will pick up something new from someone else.
What a concept eh?
I don't think anyone here could possibly know it all.
In the spirit of co-operation I'm offering TA on any stock or index as time permits as that seems to be what I have to contribute.
If no one needs it then thats ok too.
Its only a marketplace.
It's only money.
No big deal.


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9/26/2003 12:09:14 AM

I think Raging Bull site will crash in a few seconds as everyone floods in to read your threads...

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9/26/2003 11:03:28 AM

Wasn't my intent at all.
Never mind , I'm gone.

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9/26/2003 11:50:02 AM


Which board on RB do you post ? tia


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9/26/2003 12:04:33 PM

Muddy can't chime in right now!!

They're too busy tightening up there stops, after losing several thousand $$ each!!

It'll be interesting to see how RSI(2) rules in a down market!

Many times when your bottom fishing, you reach new bottoms!


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