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9/10/2021 10:16:54 AM


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9/10/2021 11:33:38 AM

"Normally", around this time of the year in the past 19 or 20 years. the US markets give the nation a Patriotic Rally.
This year, with China, Russia, Iran mocking, America probably needs this morale booster more than ever.
45 and 46 already show the will to take tech back from China.
I've already started my own little Patriotic Rally.
Hope it will spread and catch on.

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9/10/2021 1:55:57 PM

I am trying to buy mostly american and also search for only made in USA. Seriously too many big monied interests undermining us.
It is a conundrum thgh, we are trying to make money off the stock market and I guess that MBA's are trying to do the same in China.
Politics aside thanks for the charts, I dont have a single clue what to look out for on charts [They look like DNA strands to me] but it makes for good 'let's see how the stock did' since Styliten posted them

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9/10/2021 2:48:28 PM


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The filter by snappyfrog happens to show GM and INTC today Sep 10, 2021

Two of styliten's filters show INTC ( Sep 10, 2021 )

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