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4/29/2021 3:33:41 PM

I mean a MJOR pullback ...
Wonder how long we'll have to wait ... September, October?

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4/29/2021 7:55:37 PM

I am always mostly in equities. I sell calls and puts, so not really concerned about smaller movements in the markets. If and when the markets make a major pullback, I will have to rebalance my stock holdings, but the options will always be working.

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4/29/2021 11:42:40 PM

Can we just wait till last week of May to start downhill please... I have to make some adjustments

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4/30/2021 2:56:45 AM

Why would the market be ripe for a major correction when we see the Democrats run Congress and they have flooded the market with plenty of “go” money for market expansion?

In fact, they will be approving yet another stimulus package for infrastructure and many other pet projects. Plus, with many states getting their people back to work in a more normal fashion it should mean our markets should stay healthy. Perhaps a “pause and refresh” to the market wouldn’t be such a bad idea to help sustain the markets in a good way.

Unless Biden and his administration begins raising corporate taxes too high too soon, and fails to fix the border immigrant problem then we would see our markets drop to recession levels. What with the next elections coming up for Congressional seats I have doubts Biden’s administration wants to chance it and instead try hard to keep the economy from failing.

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4/30/2021 8:15:30 AM

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4/30/2021 8:20:59 AM

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