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8/23/2003 7:07:56 PM

I am curious to know how much money you have in the market. It seems you have the best filters so I am curious if you actually make money with what you preach.

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8/23/2003 7:57:36 PM

It is usually polite to give that which you seek.

I find it rude is someone asks me A/S/L on the net without offering their info first.

For example, if I wanted to know where you lived, Noah, I would say:

"I live in Tucson, AZ. Where do you live?"

As for how much I have in the market... let's just say I have flights to Hawaii in September and to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in October booked... thank you RSI(2) staying in nice resorts. Hope they have high speed!

You wanna join me?

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8/23/2003 8:53:53 PM

I just started trading and im 21 years old so I haven't been able to compound my money. I am currently trading with 20k

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8/23/2003 9:06:33 PM

Noah, you are showing good signs...

I am 47 and have traded since 1977.

Account start value: 20,000.00
Daily % increase 2.00%

day Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
1 $20,400 $30,313 $45,044 $66,933
2 $20,808 $30,920 $45,945 $68,272
3 $21,224 $31,538 $46,864 $69,637
4 $21,649 $32,169 $47,801 $71,030
5 $22,082 $32,812 $48,757 $72,450
6 $22,523 $33,468 $49,732 $73,899
7 $22,974 $34,138 $50,727 $75,377
8 $23,433 $34,820 $51,741 $76,885
9 $23,902 $35,517 $52,776 $78,423
10 $24,380 $36,227 $53,832 $79,991
11 $24,867 $36,952 $54,908 $81,591
12 $25,365 $37,691 $56,007 $83,223
13 $25,872 $38,445 $57,127 $84,887
14 $26,390 $39,214 $58,269 $86,585
15 $26,917 $39,998 $59,435 $88,317
16 $27,456 $40,798 $60,623 $90,083
17 $28,005 $41,614 $61,836 $91,885
18 $28,565 $42,446 $63,072 $93,722
19 $29,136 $43,295 $64,334 $95,597
20 $29,719 $44,161 $65,621 $97,509

If you are NOT GREEDY and use good MONEY MANAGEMENT this is what 2% daily compounding can do for you by XMAS this year.


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8/23/2003 11:55:46 PM

LOL I think I may just like you after all :) Yes I have good money management and I trade on margin as well. I am not greedy which is why I use the box theory. It allows me to be sane while trading. Just reading his book gave me hope of success. I used to do daily trades but I got sick of being so scared acting all the time. I would do well one week and lose half of what I made the next week. I was up 50% using weekly trading but I just can't take it anymore. The stress is too much for me. It may take a little longer for me to become successful but I am willing to wait. I am young and have a while to go.

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8/23/2003 11:56:57 PM

Man I wish I could take those trips lol. I am going to South Beach and Hawaii this year as well. Sorry for spelling lol. It's a good thing I can trade well because I can't spell well.

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8/24/2003 12:03:50 PM


Always nice to make another friend/trading partner.

Stress? What stress? THIS IS FUN!

Where else can you make thousands of dollars in a few hours by just clicking a mouse? Not to mention doing it from internet cafes in Mexican beach towns!!

Email me and I will share a secret or 2.

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8/24/2003 12:30:31 PM

I must tell you I have read the book by darvis and I think it iiis a very good book. I read it 2 years ago. I had it right at the top and I do believe it does work in bull markets it is less in bears.

Here is 2 other good books,

"The master swing trader"

"Bollinger on bollinger bands"

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3/10/2021 1:42:25 AM

Hey Noah, are you still in the game?

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3/13/2021 10:21:23 AM

new member here and not Noah but I learnt a lot from your filters.
may the good trades be with you as well

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