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5/27/2020 12:28:46 AM

And this is how you lose $$ in a hurry...

Getting de-listed apparently. My learning? Listening to your "gut"? Understanding when "greed" gives you false confidence? Xarlorr's advise hits home...don't change what works....yet I tried to be logical on why HTZ "shouldn't" fail...don't matter; won't matter!

On the bright side...ADS, COTY, FAS, & STNE managed to more than cover the warts.

Don't know what SCI is about but picked up some..

Meanwhile..despite the pandemic getting worse in Brazil...

Good thing I ignored the "news"...

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5/30/2020 11:35:32 AM

An appears that the "V" shape recovery that "experts" said wouldn't happen right away has happened. QQQ was, of course, the poster child of the recovery...

Now what? 6MM virus cases worldwide; US is still tracking > 20K daily. Mississipi or er..Minnie is burning aka justice for Floyd. Trump is still trump vs WHO, China and et al. Elections coming up....and yet, the markets does not really seem to care because....

Above my pay grade to logically make sense of it. The trend is up; it is my friend.

Picked up ARCT, CHWY and MRNA.

Thanks to a new found friend who introduced me to "day trading" indexes using restless mind is now tinkering on another adventure!

I find myself reading and re-reading Kevin's old posts...makes me appreciate how one person truly "gave" without asking anything back in return. I wish my brain can process the techno code way better!

As a "pay it forward"...Mac if your are reading this...CHWY has a diverging Upper and Lower BB.

May all your fills be profitable as TRO (I think) used to say.

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5/30/2020 1:04:53 PM

Good thread. Thanks, sandjco.

The TRENDSUM idea in your charts was also from Kevin_in_GA

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5/30/2020 2:10:34 PM

Thanks as always for your kind words and encouragement in my journey. Yes, you are correct that the Trendsum was something I borrowed from him. Mac's influence is also evident.

Generally speaking, it is really what makes the SF community wonderful as you learn things from different traders who freely share. Different ingredients and style of cooking if you must and you just have to figure out your own style along the way.

I may sound like a broken record...but i am absolutely grateful for those who have shared as my past 2 years wouldn't have been possible without their kindness. I hope I have paid it forward.

Have I found the holy grail? Nope! But I tinker along find what works for me visually and continue to refine towards my goal of simplicity (like Village Elders' short script or KSK8s) and yet drawn to marvel at Kevin or TRO's scripts...or how Xarlor just manages to whip things up in a jiffy!

I've entered another son has opened his first Brokerage account! If he agrees, I'll share our journey together on this thread!

The funny thing? I find myself still reading threads I didn't know existed! At what point is enough enough?

I can hear Xarlor yelling at me "don't mess with something thats working or something like that!" ;=D

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6/6/2020 5:35:56 PM

Strange times indeed...hindsight is 20/20 but:
- the pundits were generally predicting that the sky was falling. we apparently will hit a depression that is the mother of all depressions/recessions whatever yadayadayada...
- if you were a contrarian or didn't know any better....going against the grain would have paid handsomely

SO, what has changed since the March dipper?
- no vaccine yet. 6MM cases worldwide. US hitting 2MM alone followed by Brazil and Russia.
- Floyd protests going on across NA
- same US/China tensions
- slowly re-opening

You would think with all these gloom and doom...we would be dribbling in the basement right?

Nope! SPY and QQQ have pretty much came back like nothing happened! The unloved sector? Finance; me think I need to continue building there!

Borrowing Mac's script

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6/8/2020 11:29:24 PM

HTZ...still alive..

So, my logical thesis survived (Icahn capitulated and bailed)...but my choice of weapon is still under water albeit...not too much water!




SCI sure came back from the dead!

CHWY sold 90% as earnings coming up

Love me Latinas!

Gonna get me some Russian

Buffet's throw away are making a comeback...yes, them airlines!

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6/10/2020 8:30:51 AM

Apparently home run hitters in baseball often say "the most difficult time to hit a home run is when you are trying to hit a home run". This adage seem to apply to any sports...heck, even picking up babes!

When one is spoiled with home look for one when it isn't there. Then you forget what got you to the game in the first place. You think it is your SF filters but yet they were the ones who may have gave you ideas before. Then you tinker and then tinker more until it gets bloated a messed up.

Note to my kids (and me)..when this happens. Stop. Let the game come to you. Enjoy the music; don't fret and predict when it is going to stop.

Since the pandemic started in Mar, the news generally has been negative....and yet, the Ms. Market didn't really care. The music was there playing for those who listened.

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6/10/2020 3:19:45 PM


Trust you're well Sir! Shout out on those tickers above...nice work!
May I ask how did you spot RUSL and DPST ….Did you spot them from filter and DD?

Peace be with you

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6/10/2020 3:22:17 PM

More specifically THAT BOX range for SCI, TNA, NRGU, DPST

Looking forward to your guidance

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6/11/2020 9:31:30 AM

A softball hitting coach who played Triple A baseball told my daughter that you usually hit home runs
when you are not swinging for the fences.


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