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3/20/2020 1:26:05 PM

My FAVORITE comedian .. on "Social Distancing" ...

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3/20/2020 9:55:26 PM

Karenenama, you being the smart one by not trading anymore. Perhaps you either lost your faith in what you were doing or the market itself and the losses you had cleaned out your purse. And since you don’t know where I stood in trading just assuming this current market decline has hurt me. Or maybe your comments were not aimed at me but for others that have been caught in this off-the-table market decline?

My previous implied comment about finding better ways to handle fear in the markets to which trillions of dollars go out the window was an honest statement. Obviously you didn’t have a better solution to the NYSE’s safeguard’s they currently are using now. Apparently, it’s not broke.

I will agree with you that the market was at a topper and was straining to reach for more. The best way was the Cramer method where you take money off the top (in this case lots of it) because what goes up must come down.

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3/20/2020 11:55:21 PM

If China would have revealed the truth of this virus to other countries earlier than they did it would have saved lives. Did they deliberately do that to hurt other country’s economies? China, Russia, and Iran are all hurting in their economy and wanted the world to suffer too? Isn’t it strange why China was blaming our military in passing the virus to them, or how Russia, and Iran are running their mouthes now in a negative fashion towards our country. You and I know China, Russia, and Iran, do not want Trump to be re-elected. They would love to have Biden as our leader all because they have him in their back pocket. Is’nt it strange that when this virus got over to our country Russia had this fight over oil and how it should be allocated? Too many questions on their behavior (China’s, Russia’s, and Iran’s) at this time. When this crisis is finally controlled our leaders will need to analyze what these 3 are up to. Let us pray that the Democrats are not siding with these 3 bad countries.

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3/21/2020 9:00:12 AM

@ marine2,
What I post here is for the benefit of anyone who reads it.
For example, I might type "@ Cheese" or "@ snakebitn" .. but this is a PUBLIC message board, so, anyone can read, and hopefully benefit from the info.

All of my posts are very transparent. Anyone who follows me knows, I got out of the market in 2018 -- for obvious reasons, which are now evident.
Frankly, at this point, (and I'm NOT bragging), you could say I just cut my losses early. Too early, but, IMHO, better early than late. Given the current circumstances, I have no regrets.
I figured out a long time ago - the easiest way NOT to go broke is to avoid losses.
As I stated, the market was in a huge bubble. Prz Trump stated the market was in a bubble when he was running for office 4 year ago!!
Yet due to the Fed's reckless fiscal policies (which I've repeatedly mentioned in previous posts), the market continued to bloat up after he took office.
I maintain my current position which is, yes, we had a black swan event, but IMHO, the market needed to correct because the prices were unreasonably overextended into the stratosphere.

It's clear, my post hurt your feelings, and I'm sorry about that.
I realize, I can be too blunt and hurtful at times.
Please don't take what I posted as a personal affront about you.
The dialogue is for everyone to benefit from.
What I post is for people to think about .. not to be offended by.
It's just my opinion -- we don't have to agree.
I wish you the best and I hope you did NOT incur any major losses.
I would never wish that on anyone. THAT would be mean.
Best wishes and good luck in your financial endeavors.

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3/21/2020 9:22:46 AM

And, BTW, ...
Regarding the congress people ...

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3/21/2020 9:00:12 AM
I figured out a long time ago - the easiest way NOT to go broke is to avoid losses.

I understand those congress people sold their positions in the MILLIONS.. as they should have.
Most people who have a liquid net worth in stocks over 10 million $$, have FIDUCIARY financial advisors; meaning their financial advisor buys and sells for them at the advisor's discretion.
I'm sure those congress persons are happy they were taken OUT of the market EARLY by their advisors. That's their job!

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3/21/2020 6:31:09 PM

Fox News did point both political party’s people out. No, they did NOT just point out the Democrat that sold her shares. I am sure CNN and other fake news networks have targeted the Republicans over and over again. Since they are Leftists what do you expect.

Right now the Left is calling Trump a racist because he says the virus is identified as the Chinese virus. That lit the Left’s hair on fire. The way I look at it, if the virus came from China then it can be called the Chinese virus. Much like how we called the previous viruses, as the Hong Kong Flu, H1N1 “swine flu” virus came from Mexico so we could call it the Mexican flu, and the Ebola virus we could call it the African virus. On this subject the Left need to stop the racist talk if the problem came from a particular country. Again, only the Left would cry bloody murder over it.

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3/22/2020 3:18:46 AM

Obviously your messaging here speaks volumes for your hatred for OUR President. Your Leftist comments are similar to others that reside in the Democratic Party’s minion army. We will end this tah-tee-tah you seem to enjoy by me saying we will see how it all works out this November. Btw, good luck with your investing.

Note: And with God’s help, we as a nation will get back to normal. When that happens we will watch Biden and Trump meet and duel it out verbally. That should be interesting.

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3/22/2020 3:32:21 AM

In this time our Nation and World is fighting a virus that still hasn't stop its uptrend and people still HATE .

HOW STUPID!!!!!!!!!!


I do mean How STUPID!

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3/22/2020 11:29:35 AM

Let's accentuate on the positive, and trust what Buffett has said all along: Believe in America.

Never underestimate the American spirit.

Trump already blamed Jared for wrong advice in underestimating this coronavirus and in delaying
the American response. What is done is done, but there are plenty of positive and concrete
developments taking shape every day.

After Trump waives or suspends federal licensing, regulations, requirements and legal liabilities,
many corporations, industriies, private sectors and citizens have come up with creative solutions
and concrete offers.

For example, anesthesiologists around the country have offered their supply
of ventilators that could be modified to save covid19 patients.

Auto makers and other industries have said they can retool to quickly produce ventilators
because they've done this before. The 3D printing and 3D copying technologies can further
speed up the manufacturing. Canadian, American and European researchers, FDA, pharmas,
biotechs, DoD, can fast track the development and availability of test kits, vaccines, and find a cure.

More concrete details may be announced today Mar 22, 2020 or Monday Mar 23. It is not possible to
have hundreds of thousands more ventilators over the next few weeks, but it is possible to expect
tens of thousands more ventilators.

Volunteers in Georgia are sewing surgical sheets to supplement N95 masks.

CDC now said scarves and bandanas can be used when masks are temporarily not available.
But a lot more masks are coming.

Never underestimate the power of hope and faith in the hearts and minds of America and humanity.

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3/22/2020 12:19:20 PM


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