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3/12/2020 1:52:13 PM

Once the NYSE Chairman and the other exchanges realize when their services are falling off the cliff they should be ordered to stop the market for at least a few days to freeze it. With all the panic going around it would be prudent they do this. If they don’t do it on their own then the President needs to order them to freeze it. Yes, they have stopped their activities briefly in these critical days of uncertainty but it MUST be longer than that. Stop the insanity!

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3/12/2020 5:24:54 PM

I just get tired of Government lying about ever economic number going on since 1987 I know of, along with Central Bankers playing fast and furious with funny money. This isn’t free markets, it is crony capitalism for the rich. Let bad banks and companies go under and let the markets wash out the excesses of bad debt and bad decisions. But heck I have only been doing this for 50 adult years so what do I know.

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3/12/2020 11:50:27 PM

I see the NYSE Chairman once again let the market drop even further into the abyss. Why? I have this feeling he’s shorting the market big time in his personal investments so he wants the market to crash. Someone should look into why there aren’t safety stops in preventing millions upon millions of dollars being washed away without any safeguards in place.

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3/19/2020 3:10:41 PM

3/19/2020 3:05:32 AM

Just saying, our exchanges need a better safety mechanism than the current method they’re using now. If the news is of catastrophic news then something must be done instead of watching trillions of dollars evaporate. Granted the short investors that are good at their game make out like bandits while the rest of the country and in this case the world sits there in shambles. Perhaps force all companies once the market falls over 7% (for example) they must buy back so many shares of their own stock? Obviously, each company would have to have a safety reserve fund to reach into each time the market dives like that. Perhaps, the government could help each company fill their safety reserves with money that normally be used for Federal taxes the government would tax them? Bottom line is, find ways to slow or stop the sudden stock price declines. It’s always the same statement Investment brokers give to their clients when the market drops like a rock, do not sell your equities, sit tight and let the fear subside. Meanwhile, that client continues to see his nest egg bleed out. Human’s can only take so much damage to their life’s savings before they liquidate their equity positions. Fear and Exuberance drives the markets and especially with fear there must be better ways to calm the markets than what’s currently being used.

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3/20/2020 8:17:31 AM

Looks like you've got a duplicate post elswhere ....
You also put this subject in Stock Picks .... this is not a "stock pick" issue.
For the benefit of all, it's better to avoid double posts ... JMHO
Here's the bottom line .....

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msg #151308 3/19/2020 9:27:48 PM
I'll be kind and just say this ...
Black swan events happen ...
You've got to know AHEAD OF TIME when to get off the train before you get crushed.
Everything's gonna be fine ... just google the news ... specifically, "$1.5 trillion" ...

I hope you don't mind my saying this, but if you got "trapped" holding the bag, you need to look at fundamentals also. I've been on SF for almost 20 years and time and again, I've seen subscribers keep trading long as if it's 1999 - not ever considering that markets crash. We were in a big bubble. The crash was inevitable. Continuously cutting interest rates, and ceaseless treasury repos were an OBVIOUS RED FLAG..
Trading has been halted FOUR times in the past 2 weeks.
What do you want regulators to do next? NOT allow shorting? NOT let bagholders sell their stock?
THAT would be excessive gov't intervention .. as are the other things I mentioned above.
At this point, I don't even consider this a crash; it was a much needed correction. Stock prices were overbloated. Period.

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3/20/2020 9:31:51 AM

"$1.5 trillion"

Up 2 days in a row.
Happy now?
Good ol' intravenous force feeding ...
Works every time!

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3/20/2020 9:40:33 AM

Until the US is locked down for any period - which needs to happen if we want to flatten the curve. Otherwise we're the next Italy/Spain

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3/20/2020 9:41:48 AM

Social distancing only works so much - as an American, I will say we are dumb and ignorant. Many people around me/that I know think it is a conspiracy theory or think they won't get it.

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3/20/2020 11:24:27 AM

"Social distancing" doesn't work.

I was at Costco the other day, and while standing in a VERY LONG LINE, bored - I started wiping off the handle of my cart with a Clorox wipe....
Some idiot old lady comes up to me and says, "they've got carts with cleaned handles at the other end of the store" ....
I'm standing in a LONG LINE near the middle of the parking lot , with at least 30 other people ....
WHY does she come up to me?
I just stood there (speechless) looking at her like she was nuts.
She then says, "I'm just trying to help."
I REALLY wanted to say, "how about if you ST*U and mind your own business".
Meanwhile, the guy in front of me smells like skunkweed, and the guy behind me is vaping non-stop!

People are addicted to each other and love crowds.
I actually saw men "high-fiving" each other with rubber gloves on.
Eyeroll ... SMH ...

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3/20/2020 11:54:18 AM

That circles back to my Americans and dumb and ignorant. Social distancing does work... when you actually socially distance.

The pictures of O'hare and JFK earlier this week made me sick. Over thousands of people shoulder to shoulder. This is why we are the next Italy/Spain.

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