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12/21/2019 10:04:00 PM

Ed S. (Nibor100) — is not only a StockFetcher whiz. He’s also a world-class winner in VectorVest!

Ed entered a VectorVest contest entry in the USA for scripting a stock buying/selling ‘paper’ portfolio for the month of October 2019. Well... he not only captured 1st place among USA entrants, but he also won the worldwide competition (7 countries) at the same time! #1 and #1.

Bravo, Ed S.

-Gene in Florida

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12/22/2019 7:47:22 AM

Awesome, no small feat!

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12/22/2019 12:51:02 PM

Congrats, Ed S !
and thank you glgene for letting us know

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12/22/2019 1:23:58 PM

Ed S. , You are truly amazing!

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12/22/2019 2:34:30 PM

Most impressive! Is there a link we can read more?

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12/22/2019 4:46:24 PM

Congrats Ed and thanks for sharing!!!!

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12/22/2019 7:03:28 PM

Congrats, Ed S

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12/23/2019 5:34:38 AM




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12/23/2019 8:06:51 AM

What were his stock picks?

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12/23/2019 9:30:56 AM

@Ed S

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