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5/22/2019 2:59:15 PM


When I saw your results post of 5/16 I thought to myself, he did pretty well I wonder what exit criteria he was using that occurred for all 5 stocks on the same day....

Then today I decided to look back at those 5 stocks and see what moving averages they were near on the day of exit.

Unfortunately, when I ran your filter on 7 and 8 May the results don't contain either MSFT or SNPS which you posted as buys on May 8th.

Is it possible those 2 picks were from your filter/code/process that you run on Think or Swim and it is actually somehow different from the SF filter you've been posting?

Ed S.

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5/22/2019 5:52:58 PM

Nibor100 I tried to retrieve MSFT or SNPS for those dates. You are correct, they didn't appear in the scan.

Very interesting, because I know for a fact I played these stocks from the Stockfetcher filter.

All the plays I have listed on the forum, have come from Stockfetchers filter.

I don;t know the reason MSFT or SNPS don't appear anymore.

My next play for tomorrow is SBAC.

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5/22/2019 6:13:36 PM

Thank you Ed.

I haven't added any additional lines to the original code or snappy's. The filter does generate candidates even though there is a triangle error emoji on that line I mentioned.

good trading all!

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5/23/2019 7:01:06 AM

I noticed that Koss's filter uses CEMA and the filters posted on page 2 used CMA and I was getting different results from both. That's why I asked Koss to clarify which one he is actually using.

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5/23/2019 10:16:16 AM

Nothing better than a SF filter mystery and we have 2 on the same filter!

a. I turned on DEBUG mode and saw the red triangle that Sandjco reported for the line

"and cma(low,2) was lower 1 day ago "

and I did some trial and error coding changes and then I went to the SF manual.

My conclusion is that line of code has the red triangle for a syntax error that prevents it from being executed by SF; because it uses the word "lower" which appears to be a reserved word in SF for referring to aspects of certain indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Acceleration Bands, etc.

1. Also in the section discussing the "increasing and decreasing" action keywords SF has this example line:

'Close has been decreasing for 3 days" with the accompanying explanation" .... it simply looks for three successive days of lower closing values."

I'm concluding the reason they didn't use 'Close has been lower for 3 days' is because "lower" is a reserved word but I'm just speculating.

b. solving the mystery as to why the filter no longer shows MSFT, and SNPS, on May 7 or 8th is still ongoing.

Ed S.

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5/23/2019 1:06:43 PM

2nd mystery is no longer:

When Kossvet posted his trades on MSFT and SNPS it was early afternoon on May 8, while the market was still open, which probably was a point in time that day that the CEMA(low,2) was higher than the prior day, based on the trading ranges for those stocks that day..

However, now for both stocks, the filter does not trigger for them when set back to May 8, because the CEMA(low,2) ended the day lower than the prior day, and not higher as the filter requires.

I used SF 2.0 to easily check each day's values for all of the drawn indicators with the SF 2.0 hovering data display.

Ed S.

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5/23/2019 1:34:46 PM


You may be absolutely correct. I put those trades in from my office during the day. Wow, it's good to be lucky.
While I have your attention, does anyone have a good shorting filter.
The reason I ask, my last 2 plays are going to be losers, and that signals to me, the market is in turmoil.
I will tread carefully on my next plays.


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5/23/2019 4:27:52 PM


a. During the day today I ran your filter several times to see if the results would change throughout the day, and they did.

At 11:30 am your filter returned 7 stocks: PG, IYR, VNQ, CL, SBAC, SJM, and POR

At 1:47 pm your filter returned 5 stocks: IYR, VNQ, SBAC, SJM, and POR

At 4:14 pm your filter returned only 2 stocks: POR and SJM.

b. Since you have been trading results of this approach for 3 years, should we be running it as an End of Day filter or does it really matter when the highs and the lows of a stock are this close together while the stock price is above the 50 day moving average and within 10 days of a new 1 year high?

Ed S.

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5/23/2019 5:58:19 PM


I just ran the filter at 5:50 and my results were CCK. EXR. SBAC.

I put on a new position today SBAC Jun 2019 210 call 3.30

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5/23/2019 6:04:05 PM

This is the filter I use

Show stocks where high reached a new 1 year high within the last 2 weeks
and cma(high,6) has been decreasing for the last 2 days
and cma(low,2) was lower 1 day ago
and cma(low,2) is increasing for the last 1 day
and draw cma(low,2)
close has been above ma(50) for the last 10 days

and Average Volume(90) is above 500000
and price is between 10 and 500
and draw ma(10)
and draw ma(20)
and draw ma(50)

and stock is optionable

I bought 3 SBAC calls

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