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3/27/2019 11:36:37 AM

Does anyone have, or know of a comprehensive options trading ledger or spreadsheet?

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3/28/2019 11:33:17 AM

1. Not sure what "comprehensive" entails but I have a couple of option spreadsheets that acquaintances have sent me over the years. One is entitiled Bull Put Trading results and the other is Back Test of Options. Neither has overly complicated or envolved formulas for cell calculations.

2. the Bull Put spreadsheet has the following column descriptors which might give you some good ideas
Date Entered
End Date
Stock Price at Order Entry
Sell Put Strike
Difference Between Put and Stock
Buy Put Strike
Lowest Stock Price
Lowest End of Day Price
Final Stock Price
Number of Contracts
Max Risk
Received from Sold Puts
Paid for Bought Puts
Net Credit
Return on Option Max Risk
Maximum Drop on Stock Price
Historic Volatility
from Probability Calculator
Gain/Loss Stock

3. Here is the list of headers from the backtest spreadsheet for more ideas:
Market Bias
Spread Search used in VV
D Check
Equity Curve Check
No of Contracts
Max $ Gain
Max $ Loss
Delta Short D
Net Net D
Probability of Profit
Exit Date
Days in Trade
Expiry Date
$ P/L
$ Available $ Next
% Return

4. I did a few quick searches in Google for variations of "Excel Templates Stock Options Ledger" and found a few hits with free downloadable spreadsheets but I suspect you've already done that.

Ed S.

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3/28/2019 1:54:42 PM

I use everyday.

It's great! If you sign up ... let me know by going to

which is my personal little stock market site..
and contact me if you sign up.

I may get credit...


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3/29/2019 9:57:45 AM

Thanx for the response. I need something to keep track of my positions in 2 accounts, and have cobbled something together using the csv download from Tastytrade.
Maybe I am going at this wrong, but even a small account can accumulate a large number of positions if the position size is kept around 5%, or smaller considering these "experimental" trades of late.

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3/29/2019 11:18:24 AM

Glad to see you back Graff. I have been sitting in the background developing a better buy/sell strategy for myself on trading as I was not getting the results I want. A old trader once said if your results are not getting what you want then change trading strategy..

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3/29/2019 8:03:06 PM

Mac, Good to hear from you. Are you still aboard the Prosperity? She seems to have found a home on the upper Miss and Illinois.
I took some time to learn about options, and I feel it was time well spent. I opened a tastytrade account, the trading is cheap, there are a ton of videos, and the whole operation seems "little people friendly". Also just moved my wifes IRA over.
I am re-writing a lot of my old filters to accomodate otions, however the big drawback with SF is the lack of implied volatility

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3/29/2019 8:31:47 PM

Yes still on Prosperity- On my days off now. Too much high water right now. Glad I'm off right now.

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3/30/2019 9:11:52 AM

Mac, Are you still experimenting with the GUPPY averages?

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3/30/2019 3:33:50 PM

Yes but no.
The ema13 & ma50. Looking for resistance breakouts.
Setups like the below with price breaking above and holding above the resistance lines
These are a few I'm watching for monday 4/1/2019 for confirmed breakout.

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3/30/2019 11:02:21 PM

For me the indicator of the month is the Hull MA, an attempt at reducing the lag inherent in MAs. Take a look at the following, which looks at 16, 50 and 200 MAs plus a volume consideration.
/*LONG 16 50 200*/
Average Volume(30) > 5000000
/*HULL MA16 */
set{slow1, cwma(close, 8)}
set{slow2, 2 * slow1}
set{slow3, cwma(close, 16)}
set{valslow, slow2 - slow3}
set{H16, cwma(valslow, 4)}
draw H16 on plot price

/*HULL MA50 */
set{slow1a, cwma(close, 25)}
set{slow2a, 2 * slow1}
set{slow3a, cwma(close, 50)}
set{valslow1, slow2a - slow3a}
set{H50, cwma(valslow, 7)}
draw H50 on plot price

/*HULL MA200 */
set{slow1b, cwma(close, 100)}
set{slow2b, 2 * slow1b}
set{slow3b, cwma(close, 200)}
set{valslow2, slow2b - slow3b}
set{H200, cwma(valslow2, 10)} /* edited on 3/31 */
draw H200 on plot price
set{closeaboveh16, count(close > h16, 1)}
draw closeaboveh16
set{h16aboveh50, count(h16 > h50, 1)}
draw h16aboveh50
set{h50aboveh200, count(h50 > h200, 1)}
draw h50aboveh200
/*set score and volspike to sort */
set{score1, closeaboveh16 + h16aboveh50}
set{score2, score1 + h50aboveh200}
set{volspike, count(volume 1 day ago > 15% above Average Volume(30), 1)}
set{score, score2 + volspike}
add column separator
add column score
sort on column 6 ascending
add column volspike
score > 2
score > score 1 day ago
do not draw score

volspike equals 1

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