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2/16/2019 2:58:20 PM

How would I create a new indicator that calculates the difference between EMA(13) and EMA(48.5)? With the value being negative when the EMA(13) crosses below the EMA (48.5). Here is the article I read detailing this crossover,

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2/16/2019 3:23:34 PM

Per their site*:
* Indexes were used, not individual stocks.
* Range of data from 10/1989 - 4/2010

Click on the chart below (recent 2 years displayed) for the filter and for QQQ

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2/16/2019 4:33:38 PM

Thank you!!! I just glanced over the charts in the article and did not look at the text in them.

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2/16/2019 5:40:20 PM

Good Yahoo article EMA(13)/EMA(48.5) crossover. My problem is I try too hard nailing the trend too early and get stopped out before the trend really changes.

MTW is a good example of trend change and EMA(13)/EMA(48) crossover.
I've add a few longer term average showing the squeezing and the starting of roll over of trend change.

draw x line 0
draw ema(13)
draw ema(48)
/* 1348 is number of consecutive days ema(13) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(48) */
set{1348b,days( ema(13) is above EMA(48) ,250)}
set{1348a,days( ema(13) is below EMA(48) ,250)}
set{e1348, 1348a - 1348b} and add column e1348 {e1348}

do not Draw e1348

Set{cntema13crossaboveema48,count( eMA(13) > eMA(48) ,1)}
draw cntema13crossaboveema48

Set{cntema13crossaboveema48b,count( eMA(13)< EMA(48) ,1)}

draw cntema13crossaboveema48b

draw ema(20)
draw ema(25)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(40)

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2/18/2019 11:59:13 AM


Do you wait for the Guppy to tell you long/short, then look for an entry?


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2/19/2019 9:14:17 AM

When you see the longer term averages start squeezing and rolling over.

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