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2/5/2019 12:10:29 AM

Looks like I’m gonna go 4-2 and a push for another 1900 profit. Pretty good.

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2/5/2019 12:22:53 AM

Shills gets exposed and immediately decides to fold. Classic.

Now's he gonna "pretend" he put me on ignore.

Kevin would be smiling.

Alright I'm out, best of luck Shills a.k.a Scottoddscom

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2/5/2019 12:38:06 AM

Can you please stop high jacking Shills thread KSK?

It's totally possible for two or more SF members to agree on things and not be the same person.

If you know your stuff then prove it on the Marketwatch challenge I posted. Otherwise, keep being jealous of Shill's work.

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2/5/2019 12:43:00 AM

We did not party with Manny, we went to his hotel room to spend time with family 2 nights before the fight.
Senator Pacquiao(who may run for President of the Philippines and my lovely wife are Cousins) He’s our family. Yes, it’s very cool and I understand your disbelief. Manny is cool like that, he even goes karaokeing after a fight. We did not see him after the fight because he had a cold and an injury to attend to. He also had a Lakers game to attend a few days later where he hung out with Snoop Dog, Steph Curry and Mayweather. There are only 6000 Pacquiao’s in the world and my wife is one of them. Manny and my wife were both born in Escalante city Philippines. Rosario and Rosalinda we’re brother and sister who were
The Ancestors of my wife and Manny. At a young age, Manny left home and moved to another island.

I know many famous people, including mlb. ball players from my career, including Sammy Sosa Tony Rizzo, Kerry Wood, etc. and a few Hollywood actresses through my wife’s connections, have even slept at their homes when we visited Cali and we are welcome to stay again anytime we want.

I’ve said repeatedly that the market should correct 6 months to a year before the next election. If I said 2017 it must have been a mistake or untrue.

Scott, do you want to chime in on this or do you enjoy this twat thinking we’re the same guy?

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2/5/2019 12:46:02 AM

Is that how long it takes to switch accounts?

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2/5/2019 6:33:08 AM


How much did you lose on betting the rams over the pats?


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2/5/2019 10:40:12 AM

I guess they went to bed at the same time too after both asserting mildly aggressive statements. Odd both just vanish for the night in the same interval of time they had concurrent replies.

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2/5/2019 11:00:15 AM

msg #146020 1/12/2019 10:02:26 PM

I only pick to make the super bowl, Rams don’t have to win.

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msg #146175 1/20/2019 4:00:32 PM

Rams down 13, watch them win, you’d get great odds now.
You mean how much did I make. Hahaha...

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2/5/2019 11:18:19 AM

Sold a position in in TQQQ at 49.47 which was right at the top.
It was a golden trade since it has now dipped.
Just too sweet.

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2/5/2019 12:03:53 PM

Shillllins, what you thinking about crude?Im still in and out successfully with UWT. Thanks again. Ben

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