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12/31/2018 7:34:04 PM

How do you handle HBTX on April 30th. About 100% spike. You just take the 200k loss?
Serious question.

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12/31/2018 10:03:33 PM


Are you not reading what I have been posting? I've said it multiple times;


I never said short at the day's close!

And yes it would have been a 27% loss. I acknowledge that. However, the next few plays would easily make up for that hence you play by the rules and trade with the same position size.

But let me coherent about something;

I encourage you to keep trying to berate my filter. Seriously I do! I'd be interested to see someone try to dismantle what has been making me a fortune. BUT, the caveat is don't ask a foolish question that regards me having to repeat myself.

Happy new years shillssy!

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12/31/2018 10:36:54 PM

Well darn it, as hard as I tried, I can’t find anything wrong with this filter.
Everybody on the the train, woot woot.

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1/1/2019 2:28:18 PM

Well I have been playing around with this filter but there is not a lot of hits so you will have to wait awhile sometimes for hits on filter. Can't say it'll hit 95% ,all though you don't buy at close and hold overnight, can't tell what will happen overnight. Nothing fancy more for you'll day traders and seeing that I still work I can't watch it unless the weather is bad and don't work that day. So I was thinking of using it to sell weekly cash secured puts on the ones that pop up on screen instead of buying stock and selling at close.

atr(10) >= 7
low 1 day ago reached new low 52 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 26 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 13 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 2 week low
close is above day position(.25,1) 1 day ago

draw low 2 weeks low
draw low 13 weeks low
draw low 26 weeks low
draw high 52 weeks high
draw rsi(2) line 30
draw rsi(10)
set{amt_up_end_of_day, close - day position(.25,1) 1 day ago}
draw amt_up_end_of_day
draw atr(10) line 7

add column amt_up_end_of_day
add column day position(.25,1) 1 day ago{BUY POINT}
add column open
add column low
add column low 52 week low{52_week_low}
add column atr(10)
add column rsi(2)

The problem that I would have is you would buy when it crosses above the buy point and I am at work then that is why I was thinking about the cash secured puts

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1/2/2019 7:22:28 AM

I posted that my method was similar and I was posting how I do it, I said I use the same type of signal RSI, I short the market by going long 3x inv etfs. and put stops below the swing low? You asked the question.
insert here funny meme of person slapping forehead...

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1/2/2019 10:32:37 AM


My mistake, I jumped to conclusions.

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1/2/2019 2:15:45 PM

During football games yesterday I kludged up a couple of SF filters to do some easier historical exploring of KSK8's updated filter, for the past 2 years of SF data.

Some observations:

a. Still not getting 95% winners.

For last trading year/252 days: 46 losing trades and 136 winning trades for about 75% winners and very near the same results for the prior trading year/252 days: 47 losing trades and 124 winners for about 72% winners.

b. I noticed there are many days where there are no trades signalled with that filter

c. I found 1 date, 9/20/18 that had 4 losing trades with largest loser at -38.2%; and another date with 10 winning trades, 10/19/18, with 2 gains of 32%, and 2 >20% , and 2 >10% and 1 at 0%.

There are also many stocks that are signaled on more than one date historically.

d. Based on c. it seems that whether or not the win rate is 95% or some other percentage, it is probably harder for many of us to realize those winning percentages without diluting how much capital we place in many of the trades, in the instances there are multiple signals on one date.

I should be able to delve into about 2 more years of SF history data this evening and I'll report back those results along with my kludged history checking filters if anyone is interested in using them. These filters enable one to select a range of profit % gains or losses or both, such as how many stocks had gains greater than 20% or how many had losses between -5% and -10%, etc.

Ed S.

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1/2/2019 2:28:03 PM

Not to mention the near 110% spike on March 2nd of INNT and 50% spike today.
A few surprises await after that game of golf.

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1/2/2019 5:22:32 PM

Well Nibor, I'm glad to see you aren't screwing around anymore and deciding to take this serious. Good. So.. fair points, but I disagree on most of them. 14 years of data suggest to me different. You are only entailing a portion of this filter's existence. How about you inform us all about how profitable it is overtime! So Nibor, display me the results of a backtest encompassing a 10 year interval that includes over 967 trades that yield contradicting results to my claims and you will have defeated my entire exposition and assessment of this filter.

And while you're at it Nibor, how about you answer me this please;

Is this not one of the most profitable mechanical strategies on stockfetcher?
Does this not outperform each month?
Is this filter not inevitable to profit?

So go ahead and conduct your further investigating into my current filter and let me know what ensues.

Regardless, it is making me an absolute fortune and I haven't fallen victim to any margin calls as so many of you jump to conclude.


As for YOU Shillllihs,

I hate to get my blood boiling but.... you clearly didn't read my last reply to you; YOU SHORT AT THE F**KING OPEN. NOT BEFORE THE DAY'S CLOSE. Short at the open and you would not have run into those scenarios you carelessly mentioned. It grinds my gears everytime I am forced to repeat that. So PLEASE read this time! Below are a select list of eye physician companies that may be able to help. I am not picking on you Shillllihs, I sincerely believe you are undergoing a problem reading. It is none of my business with what you may or may not have in terms of a disability, but I strongly advise you to explore these links.

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1/2/2019 5:51:29 PM

Should I be shorting the open or the Fukin open?
March 2nd was up big from the open. March 5th went from 10.76 at the open to 21.

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