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11/16/2018 2:24:02 AM

Does anyone know how to neutralize a line so that it becomes ineffective without deleting the line? It's the only way I can think of to tweek a filter line by line without losing the original line for when you want it effective again. Ideas?

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11/16/2018 8:04:36 AM

Begin what you want to suppress with /*
End what you want to suppress with */

close above 5
average volume(60) above 500000
/*This line will be suppressed*/

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11/16/2018 8:16:41 AM

Here are 4 ways to do that kind of troubleshooting:

1. Comment out the line by placing /* as the first 2 characters and add */ as the last 2 characters.

2. When in the edit filter window, highlight the line or lines you want to nullify and hit CTRL-X to cut them out of the filter, then choose Fetch Stocklist to run your modified filter to see if the removal was the source of the problems. You can add lines and modify lines to your filter as long as you don't use Ctrl-C and then when you are ready to put those Cut lines back in just hit CTRL-V.

3. Save a copy of your filter and just remove the lines and test until you get it right or save the newly modified copy and pull out the saved original and copy and paste your lines from the original to the modified until its fixed.

4. Start a post, paste your full filter into the post, and add
Fetcher[ before the first line and add ]

after the last line. Then remove the line or lines in question (you can use Ctrl-X here if you like) and scroll down to the bottom of your post and choose Preview Message. The filter will run inside the preview window and you can look at the results to see if they if they revealed the problem, then choose " continue editing" to get back to the post.

Hope these help,
Ed S.

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