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6/26/2018 2:37:54 AM

Not asking anyone to build a filter, but just want to know the best one you've ever used, created by someone here in the past. You can post them here. Thanks.

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6/28/2018 11:17:40 PM

13th_floors - Deadly Combo

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7/2/2018 1:57:21 AM

I found so many filters on that....which one are you referring to? Can you post the filter? Thanks!!

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7/2/2018 10:23:55 AM

Bottom of page 1

One can narrow the stocks down by using

Average Day Range(30) is above 3.00
do not draw Average Day Range(30)
add column Average Day Range(30)

or raising the volume .

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8/2/2018 10:56:16 PM

Mac, can you post the complete filter here, with your suggested piece added? I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but it is generating a few hundred stocks mixed results. Thanks.

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8/3/2018 8:52:35 AM

check below-you can change price range in the 1st line to your preference..

close is between .20 and 5
average volume(90) above 50000
average volume(10) above 250000
offset is 0

set{volcnt, count(volume above 50000, 100) }
set{volzero, count(volume equal 0, 100) }

set{x1, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, x1/open }

set{C1A, count(Long_Profit > .04 , 100)}
set{C2A, count(Long_Profit > .09, 100)}
set{C0010, C1A - C2A}

set{D1A, count(Long_Profit > .09 , 100)}
set{D2A, count(Long_Profit > .19, 100)}
set{D1020, D1A - D2A}

set{E1A, count(Long_Profit > .19 , 100)}
set{E2A, count(Long_Profit > .29, 100)}
set{E2030, E1A - E2A}

set{F1A, count(Long_Profit > .29 , 100)}
set{F2A, count(Long_Profit > .39, 100)}
set{F3040, F1A - F2A}

set{G1A, count(Long_Profit > .39 , 100)}

and add column daychg2
and add column C0010 {4_9}
and add column D1020 {10_19}
and add column E2030 {20_29}
and add column F3040 {30_39}
and add column G1A {40+}
and add column C1A {ttl}
add column average day range(30)
sort column 6 descending
market is not OTCBB
market is not ETF

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8/3/2018 12:33:21 PM

Please explain how one would trade this filter for a short.


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