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2/19/2003 5:45:45 PM

Who is using BBs successfully? How r u using them? What filters do u like?

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2/19/2003 7:50:31 PM

Been using bb's successfully for long time now,i rely on them for every trade i make,only use them at the extremes,i.e.,touching or going through top band for shorts and bottom band for longs,i carry it further to the extremes by using this filter[show stocks where close has been decreasing over the last 3 days and average volume is above 100000 and close price is between 1 and 10 and price touched lower bollinger band(20)],the key here is i use candlesticks and i want to see a bottom tail on the last one,which shows the stock had some upward push from the low of the day even though it was down for the day,also i like to see the heaviest volume of it's decreasing days on the last day,which indicates to me that selling should be reaching it's peak and buyers may be ready to step in,you can use any price range but have found over time low priced stocks under 10 work way better for me as does heavier volume,100,000 at least,the most important rule for me is that these stocks MUST be up a few cents half hour after the open or they are NOT bought,also i will usually only hold them for a day or two and take profit and i use a 3%-4% stop loss on them,no exceptions,many of these stocks return 5% or more in a day or two,i just try to keep turning them over,also 3 down days are the minimum ,4 or more can prove even more profitable,some examples from recent days so you can see what they like in case i didn't explain to well are NUFO,WEDC,HRC,GLBL,LEXAR,TWR,. I keep increasing the volume with filter on test until i'm left with 10 or so plays,then look at the charts to see who looks best as far as # of down days,bottom tails and volume and then wait to see who's up at the open, has worked very well in both good markets(remember them?)and bad. Hope this helps you or someone else

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7/2/2018 7:26:05 AM

Wallman thanks for the post

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7/10/2018 11:08:49 AM

Wallman, Do you still use this filter?

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7/10/2018 12:40:14 PM

you want answers from muddy, you better pony up, hes in pay chat!

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7/10/2018 6:58:18 PM

Klynn, what is muddy's chat site?

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7/11/2018 7:25:21 AM

Wallman has not posted since 2007, does anyone know where he is?

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7/12/2018 7:49:41 PM
I found this on the web. It might be the same guy.SF is posted on the site. Also old posts going back to 2010. If you search around that web site you will find SF filters he has used. if anyone finds anything newer post it here, if ya dont mind

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7/13/2018 7:38:43 AM

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