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2/21/2018 10:45:04 PM

Two things about what we do at Noplex Stock Report
We actually disclose our stocks that are losers.
1) Our theory is a realistic one: no system produces winners 100% of the time
And we believe if you can limit your losses you can easily continue to trade
From our own painful past experience we know that holding on to losing stocks only makes it financially impossible to continue to trade.

2) We use a very short term trading system so our intent is to grab small gains and limit small losses and most of all get onto the next opportunity. Our motto is "Get in, Get out & move on" We have no idea where the market will be 6 months or 6 decades from now. We're simply looking for short term opportunities that have statistically been seen in the past.

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2/21/2018 10:51:17 PM

We have several algorithms at of our algorithms is called "69:84" and it refers to our proprietary indicator M2 searching for stocks that had M2 values in the range of 0.69 and 0.854 recently

The stock that was spotted by that algorithms scenario today was IMRN

We're seeking a 2 to 3% gain short term

Thanks for reading this forum/thread
We're only hear for pleasure....we post on a stock traders forum because we assumed people reading this are interested in the stock market and not oak or elm trees. (although you could certainly be a fan of all three) If we develop another algorithm I might name it OAK/ELM. Most of our algorithms have colorful names anyways, so why not?!!!

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2/22/2018 10:22:56 PM

Success....IMRN opened at 8.77 and rose to 9.24 for a 5.3% gain in one trading day.
We sold at our pre-set 2% profit level. We hope you jumped in.

For Friday the Noplex algorithm found MESO which is a regenerative medicine company
As usual, we strive for a two percent profit off of the opening bell price.

Happy trading

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2/23/2018 3:15:10 AM


Looks like the Noplex guy has come thru with a couple of days worth of Noplex stock setups for us to consider before the market opens the next day but has not yet delivered on the promised backtest results and equity curve.

Like you, and probably many others, I'm also looking forward to seeing that kind of statistical info.

I did notice in his other SF thread under 'Filter Exchange' that he states "Recently it's producing 46% annual returns".

Looking at his website sample newsletters it appears that there are occasional days where the various Noplex algorithms don't produce any stock picks at all.

Having Excel, I thought I'd play around with some hypothetical Noplex 1 year paper trades, with a couple of basic assumptions:

Assumption 1, since a new black box system, limit initial trade/investment to $2,000.
Assumption 2, 252 possible trading days, less 1 day in each of 52 weeks with no stock pick, results in 200 trading days of stock picks for 1 year.

a. In a perfect world of 100% accuracy, of 200 Noplex daily stock picks gaining the Noplex target gain of 2% per trade, the $2,000 would grow to a little over $107,000 for an annual gain of 5,253%.

b. The quoted 46% annual returns adds $920 to the initial $2,000 resulting in an end of year total of $2,920.

c. Collecting $50 a month per single subscription adds $600 to the initial $2,000 resulting in a 30% no risk annual return and end year total of $2,600.

d. Surprisingly, only 175 yearly subscribers are needed to generate $105,000 a year, matching the hypothetical 100% successful trades in a year with gain of 5,253%.

Hopefully we will get the backtest results soon so I don't have to figure out how many losing trades at the suggested -3% stop are required to whittle down the 5,253% annual gain to 46%.

Ed S.

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2/23/2018 5:39:15 AM

Noplex guy,

Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else as that email address is very standard. Please enlighten me.


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2/23/2018 12:18:42 PM

if you are looking for 2% short term gain, here is a simple scan based off of TRO's stuff from a while at close, set a sell limit at 2% gain, sell on close the next day if target is not hit, rinse and repeat.

I'd be curious to see how this simple scan stands up to your algorithm.

Fetcher[close is above 5
average volume is above 200000

set{Long_Profit, high - close 1 day ago }
set{Long_Profit%, Long_Profit / close 1 day ago}
set{twopctpop, count(Long_Profit% > 0.02, 100)}
add column twopctpop
twopctpop is above 70
sort column 5 descending

set{target, close * 1.02}
draw price line at target

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2/25/2018 12:57:06 AM

Housekeeping issues: Rich...yes, there were two email addresses that looked like yours. One bounced and now yours has gone through. hopefully you are receiving the information in your in-box. THANKS

Johnpaulca your Email bounced so please (if you wish) go back to the site and re-enter...perhaps it was a typo that caused it. Thanks. happy to have you join us.

COMMENTS: Thank you folks....that's what I like to see, real insightful intelligent comments instead of the others that expressed fear that people were trading stocks on a stock trading board. Actually, I get it...if all a person was doing is suggesting stocks so others could pump them up it wouldn't benefit the board. I respect this board and simply wanted to share my algorithms since they have taken so many years to develop.

Thanks everyone. I'll be working on formatting the data requested. It's easier to share it in the newsletter due to the fact I don't have to limit the space and can more easily send graphics etc...

I wasn't sure what to expect from a forum like this but am very impressed with the comments.
Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

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2/25/2018 1:06:58 AM

From Friday's close and for Monday's market open:

SYBX is suggested by our family of other algorithms.
Noplex is the main algorithm and it did not suggest any stocks for Monday.

It filtered ESTR & VXZ but rejected them in the end.
CLCT came squeakingly close to being suggested, but the algorithm is very picky.
Someone made a comment that Noplex does not pick a stock every day. This is quite true, I didn't develop it with the demand that it pick "some" stock each day or the "closet thing to a pick" just so I could trade. I did demand that of algorithms I developed in the 1990's but of course forcing the algorithm to just pick something for picking sake makes no financial sense and only adds picks over the course of the year that did not meet my criteria. I encourage more people to suggest SF filters that they think are good companions to Noplex. That's the entire point of a forum, to help us all brainstorm together. I really appreciate the effort you made in writing the SF filter. Please continue to share with us all. :) Signed, Noplex Guy

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2/25/2018 9:33:12 AM

Watching these discussions with interest:

I have a few quick questions:

a)Are you already holding a position in SYBX or CLCT (or even ESTR & VXZ) ? If so, what and when did you buy? (like at the close on Friday?)

b)If you aren't holding a position, are you planning on opening a position on either on Monday?

c)What do you use for a stop?

Thanks a bunch!

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2/25/2018 12:32:56 PM

Reply to "a few quick questions"
Many people fear is that I'm buying these stocks and only discussing them here so that your massive buying power (sarcasm intended) causes the stocks to jump. Noplex is a system that's been in development for a long time. As each market has had its own unique challenges, I've added a current market behavior filter (CMBF) that is introduced in the early stages of the algorithm to detect stocks favorable in today's market. Then once stocks are in that filter, they go through the main Noplex algorithm that's been there since the beginning.
I developed all of this for myself originally, and after enjoying great success I wanted to share it with others. I started writing my free newsletter out of joy that the system works well. It was obvious to me that if I shared the picks and bought them myself, many people would see it as self serving. So, I still offer the free newsletter but paid subscribers get the live daily picks for a nominal subscription. It's all done for educational purposes. It's sort of a catch 22. If I don't buy them it's easy to say I have no skin in the game. If I do buy them then you get the pump and dump comments which appeared two seconds after I tried to share my system. And as far as SF filters people have proposed that worked just as well: I've always hoped for some simple filter that takes 5 minutes to write and works well. I've just never found one after looking for it for 30 plus years. I DO appreciate the suggestions and hope folks will still offer them here, but if those worked no one would read or write in these forums. Instead, we'd all just spend 5 to 6 minutes creating a SF filter and then strike it rich and it might work for decades. No one reading this has been able to do that (including myself) so I continue to share this system. I don't have a massive multi million member readership, so while it seems like your purchase of the stock will in itself jump the price, please remember how big the market is and how hard that would be to do. Plus, most folks reading this want to reinvent the wheel, so most won't subscribe and simply follow the system that's been working. Instead, many will re-analyze and try to buy before or after in order to outsmart all other SF forum readers. If I wanted to manipulate the market I'd suggest you NOT buy these stocks because most folks don't like using a successful system - they prefer to invent one that doesn't really work well - but at least it's their system. Many folks keep looking for the secret evil behind my system. It's good to be skeptical but you have to realize I'm just sharing something that works. It's really hard to come up with systems that work over time, I'm happy to have created one. If people want to try it they can. Let's put it this way: if you knew how much effort has gone into this (some of it started in 1976, the bulk of it was written in 1989-1992 and the CMBF was created because my original bare bones system stopped working successfully when the market changed after the dot com era. I was frustrated. But rather than throw it all away or stop using it, I tweaked it by adding the CMBF. Once I did, then the stocks that made it through the CMBF filter went into my original Noplex filter process. And guess what? The trades were once again successful. If you knew how great that felt (to fix a broken system) you'd understand how I wanted to share it with the world. But since you didn't experience it like I did, you're cautiously skeptical. I don't blame you a bit. What drove me? I was hugely financially successful with the core Noplex system and then it STOPPED working. That's frustrating. Not just from a money standpoint, but from a "I thought I had it figured out" standpoint. So I spent another decade developing the CMBF pre-filter. I knew the core Noplex algorithm was correct. It just needed the right stocks fed into it. Once that worked it was only natural to shout it from the mountain tops. (A newsletter is a low mountain top...that's why i'm here in SF forums hoping to tell the world from a slightly higher mountain top) And it's hard for you the reader to know...the're many a post claiming they wrote a 5 minute SF and accomplished what took me thirty years. Smarter folks than me probably can do that. My idea was born from the frustration of reading forums where people talked about vague things that only worked for a month or two. I wanted an exact system that said BUY THIS and sell it 2% higher (but realized that nothing is flawless, so put a 3% stop loss on it) Why do I call it Noplex? Because (for you) there is nothing complex about it. (Unless you overthink it or doubt it until it dies for you) One more thing: most folks get freaked out when they see the system is not perfect and we actually do take 3% losses. They demand perfection. I do too. But the market has NEVER delivered that in my lifetime. Some think the losses prove the system does not work. Wiser readers know you have to manage your buys and sells. Let Noplex pick the stocks. Buy them at market open the next day. Sell at 2%. Or, as I nothing. Sit. Paper trade. If you paper trade it and see it works, how did I fool you into the pumping so I can do the dumping? Spread the word to the naysayers: This is for educational; purposes. Don't buy the actual stock. Watch other paid subscribers reap the benefits. I've had many readers do exactly that. Eventually they subscribe because they see it works and they get tired of sitting on the sidelines. That's when i'm happiest. When someone who doubted it finally subscribes. How you view this system says a lot more about you than me. It's like buying flowers and never watering them because you think the flower seller secretly works for the water company. Your few gallons of water don't impact the water company like you think they do. Plus, I suggest in my newsletter that you only invest (If you choose to) a limited amount of money because stocks ARE risky. So if I'm suggesting those that DO buy, only buy a little, how am I pumping the stock? Fools will say 100 shares can rock the stock that trades millions of shares per day. Hogwash. A rose is a rose, unless you see it as an evil plot to really sell you the vase. Don't miss out on life because other posters here tell you not to open your mind and believe. Readers Email me often and comment my newsletter is too terse. Just stock picks. I don't have commentary about where the market will be in 50 years. I have no idea where it will be in a month. My system catches short term opportunities. Please visit noplex stock report dot com.

The Noplex Guy

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