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4/24/2016 3:16:26 PM

I can't tell anyone how to trade but I would not go all in & would buy equal amounts as they pop up. At least 6 min.

I spent weeks refining this filter from what Levamit had, & .99 & below works best.
This in no way is the same as his method. I have often increased winnings by going back & buying
stocks that have been dropping. I just buy as they pop up.

Who says penny stocks are dangerous. There is an occasional stock like the current one that has not performed well but it's rare, that's why you should spread it out evenly.

My fav. Is that this caught Scss at .19 and it reached 34.

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4/24/2016 6:02:08 PM

Jeesh the numbers on the results, even though it could be a week or more without plays, are incredible. February results alone are nuts! I like it.

But explain this please shillllihs:

You wrote: My fav. Is that this caught Scss at .19 and it reached 34.

SCSS is a $20 stock, and therefore does not fit your filter, no?

And why would a stock that less than doubles be your "favorite" when some results are showing 300-500% gains in 8 weeks?

Whatever, the filter seems awesome and thanks for sharing,

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4/24/2016 6:48:41 PM

No, back when it was on the chart, Scss was .19 cents. 170 x return.

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4/24/2016 6:51:17 PM

SCSS fit the filter in 2009 and went up to mid 30s 3 years later.

The filter caught DELT at 80 cents after it had fallen from 28 in LESS than a year!! I’d be wary of recent IPOs.

The soul of the filter is the volatility at sub $1 levels. And one is a magic trading number. I’d say stocks below 1 are at least 10 times more volatile (weekly or monthly) as stocks trading above $1 (FINVIZ) , so if price becomes apocalyptic at these low levels (example ORIG an oil), there’s often a violent upward whip on any good news. ORIG and GALE are recent classic examples. I like these because they had volume and support. Brilliant filter, wouldn’t change it.

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4/24/2016 11:53:30 PM

Note, in 2008, 2009, there were 20-50 hits a day & usually 48 out of 50 ended up green.
So when the market goes south again, expect an increase in hits.
I've seen other penny filters but they all had real low volume & were inconsistent.
Brilliant filter to add to an arsenal.

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4/25/2016 8:59:59 PM

Inspired work, Shilllihs....Thanks for sharing.....

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4/25/2016 10:46:54 PM

Past performance is no G. of future performance.
Extremely unusual 3 month move in energy/commodity arena.
Hindsight is no help. Anyone can see that.

Try this filter.

"Buy beaten down penny stocks/pinks in a once in ten years opportunity window."

Hint. Oil and China alignment have something to do with it.
Dont be fooled and lose your money on this garbage expectimg it to work like this again.

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4/26/2016 12:08:28 AM

Symbol Last Chg(%) Vol Perf(%)
PRMW - Primo Water Corp 0.74 -1.33 71,900 1352.70

Thanx Scott

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4/27/2016 12:54:25 AM

How important is "MARKET CAP IS ABOVE 100"? Because you get more hit with it...

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4/27/2016 1:27:11 AM

This filter has been optimized to the hilt.
I don't think Rain Man could have done anymore. Give it a shot.

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