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1/15/2004 5:56:21 PM

Based upon strategies from "Hit and Run Trading" by Jeff Cooper im looking for help to to make it in stockfetcher filters .
iwill write the formula in meta stock languge and any body give me help to change it to stockfetcher .

1- (180s Buy)

! On Day 1 , the stock must close in the bottom 25% of its daily range.
! OnDay 2, the stock must close in the top 25% of its range.
! The stocks price must close greater than both its 10 and 50 day MA on Day 2 only.
! Buy 1/8 point above the day 2 high, on day 3.

B:{MA}Ref(C,-1)<Mov(C,10,S) AND Ref(C,-1)<Mov(C,50,S)
AND C>Mov(c,10,S) AND C>Mov(C,50,S)
AND C>=H-(H-L)*.25

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1/15/2004 7:00:10 PM


It will probably work here at SF, but I think it will have to be two filters.

1)Show stocks that closed down 25% from it average trading ranges today, then put that list in SF Watch List.

You would then look for stocks that appear in both Watch Lists, Simple.

2)Show stocks that closed within 25% of it daily trading range, put that list in SF watchlist.

The price and other stuff is easy, I would suggest you post this to Tomb, in SF
in Comment, Bugs, and Requests, be sure to let me know when you post it.


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1/15/2004 11:02:25 PM


I believe I have written a filter to produce the results you want. The coding is not pretty...but, it seems to work.

Fetcher[set{yesterday_high, high 1 day ago}
set{yesterday_low, low 1 day ago}
set{yesterday_close, close 1 day ago}
set{yesterday_range, yesterday_high - yesterday_low}
set{yesterday_price_point, yesterday_close - yesterday_low}
set{yesterday_target, yesterday_range * 0.25}
set{range, high - low}
set{price_point, close - low}
set{target, range * 0.75}
Show stocks where yesterday_price_point is below yesterday_target
and price_point is above target
and close 1 day ago is below MA(10) 1 day ago
and close 1 day ago is below MA(50) 1 day ago
and close is above MA(10)
and close is above MA(50)
and average volume(90) is above 100000
and price is between 1 and 100
and draw MA(10)
and draw MA(50)

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6/3/2013 3:01:46 PM

I'm a new trader, so I chose this simple strategy to start with. I've experienced some success using this filter.

The only exit criteria entered are 3 days max, ma(10) crosses below ema(20) and rsi(2) is above 65

It would be great if anybody had any other exit strategies to use with this filter to create a higher ROI.


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6/3/2013 10:46:11 PM

Here is my effort.

set{target, high * 1.012}

close 1 day ago is below day position(0.2,1)
close is above day position(0.75,1)

close crossed above ma(10)
close crossed above ma(50)

add column separator
add column day position(0.2,1) 1 day ago
add column day position(0.7,1)
add column high
add column target

close > 15
volume > 250000

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