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5/5/2012 1:11:19 AM

Ophc has been a disaster. The system has seen many stocks like it and will see many more.

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5/6/2012 6:39:59 AM

Hello Traders,

No need to worry on this round.
It is important to stick to the method and to be constantly moving with the current market.
Some stocks go down and most stocks are strongly go up, no one can tell us what will move up and what will come down(backtest work same).
Because that we need to stick to it and continue with the filter.
But you need take in account if your total invest with this method like 5000$ and you lost until now 20 percent. you need to buy next stock 3/ 4000 if you bought only 3 stocks and working only with 3 open position.
This is money management rule. When you losing reduce your next open position.

Good luck to all,

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5/7/2012 1:23:35 PM

Sold out of my positions with a loss. What a nice way to start my test :-)

Alas, such is the stock market. I bought ODP, DVR, and DRL.

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5/7/2012 10:12:40 PM

Why did you sell OPHC?

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5/10/2012 6:30:56 PM

Sold OPHC due to the 3 day hold max. Glad I did too :-)

Sold my other 3 postions for a net loss of + 8%.....

I wonder if I just picked the wrong time to try this filter out? I did not pick any more stocks today. Need to re-evaluate tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

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5/10/2012 9:51:41 PM

I was looking at the filter fo 3/7 days on page 10 posted by Levamit. Was looking at adding rvi(5,3) >= 90,rvi(14,10) >= 70 and rvi(40,10) >= 60. I only went back 10 days but if you run the filter 30 minutes before the close of the day and buy the ones that show up on the filter. If you buy 1000 shares and hold them for a .50 cent increase in price then exit looks like you would do pretty good,but that was only the last 10 days. Maybe someone will run a backtest on it to see if it is worth it.

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8/2/2012 8:48:18 AM

Anybody still using this filter? These last 3 months have been brutal...

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8/2/2012 11:18:57 AM

If you sort on IMI ascending and choose 1 stock a day it has been profitable

Approach Type: Long
Start Date: 04/27/2012
End Date: 08/02/2012
Benchmark Symbol: ^SPX

Exit Setup
Stop Loss: N/A
Profit Stop: 2%
Trailing Stop Loss: N/A
Minimum Holding Days: 1
Maximum holding days: 2
Exit Trigger #1:

Extra Indicators
Entry Columns:
Show Performance After: after 1 day
after 2 days
after 3 days
after 4 days
after 5 days

Advanced Options
Selection Method:
Entry Price: close
Conditional Entry: No
Exit Price: open
Maximum Trades Per Day: 1
Maximum Open Positions: 10
Maximum Selected Stocks: All
Close all OPEN positions: Yes

Trade Statistics
There were 33 total stocks entered. Of those, 33 or 100.00% were complete and or 0.00% were open.
Of the 33 completed trades, 24 trades or 72.73%resulted in a net gain.
Your average net change for completed trades was: 1.09%.
The average draw down of your approach was: -5.12%.
The average max profit of your approach was: 6.67%
The Reward/Risk ratio for this approach is: 2.14
Annualized Return on Investment (ROI): 217.42%, the ROI of ^SPX was: -6.55%.

Exit Statistics
Stop Loss was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
Stop Profit was triggered 22 times or 66.67% of the time.
Trailing Stop Loss was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
You held for the maximum period of time (2 days) 11 times or 33.33% of the time.
An exit trigger was executed 0 times or 0.00% of the time.

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8/5/2012 9:02:18 PM

I am using it in conjunction with two other systems. Yes, lately it has been brutal, but I do still have faith in it from robust backtest results. Duke is trading a strategy with a 2% profit stop which I didn't find to be profitable historically, but I'm glad it's working recently.

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1/14/2014 2:16:56 PM

Anything new here?

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