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3/27/2011 7:10:32 AM

Agreed, optionplayer

that is very impressive.

Where can I find that filter?

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3/27/2011 11:14:06 AM

I didn't understand what this fetcher find ?
and how i should use that fetcher to trade what should i looking for in what it finds to me ?
how should i trade with it long short ? when i need to connect the trade , what that really all about ?

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3/27/2011 2:49:28 PM

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modified 3/14/2011 4:40:30 PM

so that means the filter is already sorted the best way possible? if i understand you correctly?


I haven't figured this out yet myself. What I noticed is that this filter generates stocks that are in a bottoming process. I am specifically interested in those that are done bottoming and moving up. What I do is download the csv file and make a symlist out of it for another filter that I run the next day. Something like :"show stocks where close is above the high 1 day ago" or " show stocks where close is 2 % above the open". That will leave you with the ones that are moving up.

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3/27/2011 11:47:52 PM

I have been experimenting with this filter by changing to a daily filter and limiting the number of stocks returned. I only trade options and I'm usually in and out within 1 - 7 days.

I'm looking for stocks with the following conditions:
1. Trending up over the last 100 days
2. Price > 10
3. Average volume > 300000
4. Williams %R (2) < -70
5. Williams %R (2) increasing for 1 day
6. RSI(2) decreasing for 1 day
7. Optionable

Limiting number of stocks returned by
1. Only looking at stocks that are near the bottom linear regression line(100)
2. Limiting to RSI(2) < 10

This greatly reduces the number of stocks you have to research daily while still getting the benefit of using the Williams %R and RSI convergence.

I've also included my Entry and Exit rules (please let me know what I may have missed as I know there are some...)
Entry Rule Exceptions
1. Always know the next earnings date - do NOT play unless you're playing the event
2. If consecutive down days (3 or more), wait for the first up day or price crosses above the 7 day moving average
3. If playing after a gap down, wait for price to close above the 7 day moving average or a reversal candlestick pattern (harami, engulfing, etc). Keep a very tight stop loss.

Exit Rules
1. When RSI(2) > 90, place a stop at the low of the previous day and keep moving up until closed
2. Price crosses below 7 day Moving Average

I'm looking for feedback on ways to improve this filter so any and all input is welcome.

Fetcher[Williams %R(2) < -70
Williams %R(2) increasing for 1 day
RSI(2) decreasing for 1 day

Draw MA(7)
Draw RSI(2) line at 90
Draw RSI(2) line at 20
draw Linear Regression(100,1.0)

/*NORMALIZE accumulation distribution */
set{adval, INDPOSITION(accumulation distribution, 60) * 100 }

set{RSval, INDPOSITION(RSI(2), 60) * 100}

/*NORMALIZE williams %r(2) */
set{wrval, INDPOSITION(williams %r(2), 60) * 100 }

draw adval on plot wrval
draw rsval on plot wrval

volume is above 300000
chart-time 45-days
close is above 10
100 day slope of the close is above .1
Price is below center linear regression line(100)
RSI(2) < 10

add column industry
add column adval
add column RSI(2)
add column Williams %R(2)

sort column 8 descending

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3/29/2011 2:59:59 AM

Anyone knows why this filter only looks for a CURRENT weekly divergence?

Why doesnt it look for a divergence one week back instead?

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4/7/2011 9:10:44 AM

Hello SF,

I really like aspect of this filter, when you are calling this the TOP is that because of price pattern or the turn down of the incidators. What or is there a buyin signal in this filter.

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5/28/2011 7:44:33 PM

i was looking at the code for the filter and the first line says "Weekly Williams %R(2) is above Weekly Williams %R(2) 1-day ago". I'm probably missing something very clear, but the logic doesn't make sense to me. How can one line be above itself. isn't the first weekly williams %R(2) the same as the second weekly williams %R(2)?

Thanks for your patience,



Just found my mistake. Just needed to take a break then look at it again. oops :)

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6/2/2011 12:40:38 PM

you are all making this so dam complicated> you should be making millions with my trading system-it is very easy to follow> i gave out 10-12 of my e books to >150 people on this site>

he ivol option calculator> it predicted a 2-3$ drop today before the close on friday> when ever it is extrememely schewed to one side> it becomes an instant cash machine> friday was the perfect setup for the spy top> 98% daily rsi-2 and a hanging man top> and then the option calculator said this week would be very very red> what it does is give you what the black scholes option price should be and then also the real time option price> bullish is when the real price is above the black scholes price and bearish when it is below it> it uses the nearest strike price to the actual price for this calculation. the bigger the difference between the 2 values-the bigger the move in either direction> at 1545 on friday> for the call it was black schole 1.74 and the real price was 1.61-that very very bearish>for the put it was black scholes >1.56>actual price 1.76> extremely buillish on the puts> so i got the 134-131 puts> 38k contracts> at todays close they were up 450-700% and there will be another gap down on 6-2> because it is still very bullish for the puts>and the daily rsi-2 is still at 27%> we need <10% for the next bottom which would put it down near 129 this week>
Description Qty Price Mkt Value Cost Basis Gain/Loss Pos Dly Chg Pos Val Chg Stock Last Pos Bid Pos Ask
Description Qty Price Mkt Value Cost Basis Gain/Loss Pos Dly Chg Pos Val Chg Stock Last Pos Bid Pos Ask
SPY 3 Jun 11 (W) 132.00 Put 12000 $0.92 $1,103,999.95 $264,000.00 $839,999.95 $0.78 $941,999.96 $131.81 $.89 $.95
SPY 3 Jun 11 (W) 133.00 Put 12000 $1.54 $1,847,999.95 $464,000.00 $1,383,999.95 $1.30 $1,565,999.94 $131.81 $1.50 $1.5

up 2.4 million so far and counting

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6/2/2011 2:48:09 PM

option player stop bragging about your imaginary gains. up 2.4 mil. what a joke.

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7/12/2011 8:46:42 AM

bconnell - have been following this filter for some time. are you making real money with your entry/exit rules?

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