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8/24/2011 1:29:03 PM

Can anyone find any common parameter that any stocks going up might have in common??

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8/24/2011 6:09:37 PM

Yes the dow is going up....

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8/25/2011 2:05:48 PM

for the Richard Crainium..technical parameters!!

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8/25/2011 9:58:05 PM

Each market has its own personality.

I've found that P&F Charts in the current market are a poor predictor for my style of short-term trading. Prior to the market shoft (Jan-Apr) they worked well as a filter element.

I've found good predictors in the current market include strong MACD, strong RSI, and strong candlestick patterns, paricularly those showing no greap recent leaps in price.

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6/22/2016 3:53:35 PM

This is a Great Filter! Just need to narrow down the stock selections to 10 or so a day.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated


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6/23/2016 1:40:23 PM

risr: Speciifically, which filter are you using?


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6/23/2016 3:21:28 PM

steve, he is probably referring to the last one posted. It's a good one. my problem with some of these rsi(2) filters is that you really dont know when the escalation starts. for example HBAN had popped up on one of the rsi(2) filters for 3 straight days. then I think it popped overnight.

I took some other thoughts people had and refined it a bit to catch stocks on the way up. i use this for 3 day swing trading. fyi

60 day slope of the close below 0
close below linear regression(60)
close below linear regression(60) 1 day ago
close between 1 and 21
average volume(30) above 500000
sort column 3 descending
close is more than 4% above close 1 day ago

/* STOCK DASHBOARD DISPLAY for newbies and old pros */

set{E36b,days(ema(3) is above ema(6),100)}
set{E36a,days(ema(3) is below ema(6),100)}
set{E3xE6, E36a - E36b}

set{E50200b,days(ma(50) is above ma(200),100)}
set{E50200a,days(ma(50) is below ma(200),100)}
set{M50xM200, E50200a - E50200b}

set{E1326b,days(ema(13) is above ema(26),100)}
set{E1326a,days(ema(13) is below ema(26),100)}
set{E13xE26, E1326a - E1326b}

set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CxC, CCa - CCb}

set{E5b,days(close is above ema(5),100)}
set{E5a,days(close is below ema(5),100)}
set{CxE5, E5a - E5b}

set{E50b,days(close is above ma(50),100)}
set{E50a,days(close is below ma(50),100)}
set{CxM50, E50a - E50b}

set{E200b,days(close is above ma(200),100)}
set{E200a,days(close is below ma(200),100)}
set{CxM200, E200a - E200b}

set{T10, count(10 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T60, count(60 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T200, count(200 day slope of the close above 0,1)}

Set{a1, T200 * 1}
Set{a2, T60 * 10}
Set{a3, T10 * 100}

Set{aa, a1 + a2}
Set{TREND, aa + a3}

set{v, volume 1 day ago}
set{volinc, volume - v}
set{volpc, volinc / v}
set{volpct, volpc * 100}

set{VolZ, days(volume < 1,100)}
set{VolUp, days(volume is below volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolDn, days(volume is above volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolCnt, VolUp - VolDn}

set{vck1, volume 1 day ago }
set{vck, volume / vck1 }
set{vdbl, days(vck < 2, 100)}

set{PARBuy, count(close crossed above Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMIBuy, count( di(14) Difference crossed above 0 , 5) }
set{DMIBuyX, count( di(14) Difference above 0 , 1) }

set{PARSell, count(close crossed below Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMISell, count( di(14) Difference crossed below 0, 5) }
set{DMISellX, count( di(14) Difference below 0, 1) }

set{PARSBuy1, PARBuy * DMIBuy}
set{PARSBuy, PARSBuy1 * DMIBuyX}

set{PARSSell1, PARSell * DMISell}
set{PARSSell, PARSSell1 * DMISellX}

set{PARSTrade, PARSBuy + PARSSell}

set{HiOp, high - open}

and add column VolCnt
and add column Vdbl
and add column volpct

and add column HiOp
and add column Trend

and add column CxC {CxC_}
and add column CxE5 {CxE5}

and add column E3xE6 {E3xE6}
and add column E13xE26 {E13xE26}

and add column CxM50
and add column CxM200
and add column M50xM200

add column rsi(2)
add column weekly rsi(2)

add column PARSBuy
add column PARSSell

and draw Parabolic SAR
and draw +di(14)
and draw -di(14)
and draw adx(14)
and draw di(14) difference

draw MACD Fast Line(12,26,9) and MACD Slow Line(12,26,9)
draw RSI(10)

draw cci(61) line at 0
draw cci(61) line at 150
draw cci(10) line at 0


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6/23/2016 5:55:02 PM

pthomas215: Thank you

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6/24/2016 1:15:47 PM

The one on the 1st page is really good!! I have been able to isolate some of the best picks by using some of the existing criteria. But this still have over 100 stocks..vs 400 plus!! Some of these picks do 10 % in a week. Thanks in advance

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6/24/2016 5:56:38 PM

RISJR, I like that one. I cant seem to get it to work without pulling up Tuesday first. I dont know if it was debugged or something.

can you re-post the filter you use?

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