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6/8/2017 3:49:52 PM

Can anyone tell me what the win percentages are on a 7 day hold (buy on close when stoc 9,1 line drops below 5/sell after 7 trading days on close,using 1 year as a back test.Thanks..
Fetcher[and draw ma(9) and draw ma(18) and draw ma(27)

set{longposition, count(stochastics %K(9,1) below stochastics %D(9,1,7),1)}
set{shortposition, count(stochastics %K(9,1) above stochastics %D(9,1,7),1)}

add column longposition
add column shortposition
draw stochastics %K(9,1) on plot stochastics %D(9,1,7)

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6/8/2017 8:07:15 PM

Just bumped into this ... [no experience with the product]...

We want you to experience Quantum Charts as it is before you subscribe. Thatís why we included almost all of the same features in the FREE access that the membership version has as well: No-programming backtesting, daily download of intraday data in futures and equities, 80 of the most popular indicators, Intermarket analysis & system development, etc.

Subscribers receive access to 50,000+ bars of data for backtesting and research, whereas the FREE version is limited to 2,500. Additionally, Quantum Charts has the power to take the strategies you create and auto-execute them through Interactive Brokers. This feature is only available to subscribers.

If you arenít sure, start by downloading our FREE version today.

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