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5/29/2017 9:20:05 PM

How would you code,

Ema(6) crossed BELOW ema(13) 3 times and each time when ema(6)
crossed back above ema(13), price was higher than when it crossed BELOW.

Investigating if this is a prelude to a collapse in a stock. Seems to be a good indicator.
Also helps avoid the whipsaws if you get them out of the way.

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5/30/2017 8:49:28 AM

I don't think SF can do this - you need a function that will return the price on the day a previous event occurred. Something like

pricewhen(ema(6) crossed below ema(13)). That is a made-up function that SF should consider.

I think you could do this by visual inspection, but that does not give you what you want.

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5/30/2017 10:14:20 AM

For those who like to trade MA or PARABOLIC, I would consider investigating this method.
Your chances of success seem to go up substantially by trading long or short after 1 to 3 false
signals. I find this to be very effective especially for swing trading short leveraged INVERSE ETFs.
This could be a major key in eliminating much of that dreaded and mysterious whipsaw.

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5/30/2017 10:24:41 AM

I have noticed over and over, the longest runs come after the chop, so just trade stocks that have already gone through their chop.

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